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Guide For Vape Gadgets


With the holidays around the corner, it is important make sure that loved ones who are vapers are getting what they deserve and need for the holidays.  In this piece we will talk about gadgets that every vaper would love.

If you end up reading this after the holidays, these are also good gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other day you can think of.  If you give gifts on Valentines days, this could also be a cool gift. If your loved one wants to get a smokeless alternative, you can check this website.

Kizoku Cell Atty Stand

The Kizoku Cell Atty stand is a made by a well known Japanese Brand.  It is a funny and cool toy that was made especially for helping in the organization of atomizers.  Made with high quality materials like aluminum, wood, and polycarbonate, this device is great to help you separate and keep atomizers apart while you clean and mess with them.

They are also a great stand to help show off your atomizers in a store or exhibition like setting.  They come in 10 pieces for each pack and come in the 30 mm length and 30 mm width.  Great for organization and fun!

Nitecore Magnetic Liquid Mixer

The Nitecore Magnetic Liquid Mixer is exactly what the name says.  It is an advanced mixers that is specifically designed for vapers, by vapers.  Recipients of this gift will be able to mix e juice to gain just the right flavor profile as well as the size of the clouds that you desire.  The rotational speed of the mixer varies from 70 to 1200 revolutions per 60 seconds and allows the user to make the best tasting juices.

There is also a heating element to this device.  It can heat juice from 35 to 70 degrees Celsius.  However, the best and most important feature of the device is the intelligent mix mode.  You get to choose either PMM or SMM to get your most desirable mix needs.  The interface is quite user friendly and all the data is clearly shown in the interface.  You can use this device in Europe or America and has two different power plugs to suit your needs.

Avatar Vapenut (AVN-1)

The Avatar Vapenut *AVN-1) is a hardware device for e cigarette vape detection and elimination.  At the heart of the device is a built in smoke sensor that can detect the density of vapor in real time and adjust an internal fan for the removal of e cigarette vapor.  This is a device more for the non vaper and gives the vaper more piece of mind that their vapor is not harming or irritating someone else.

There are four modes to the device and each mode is designated by a particular color.  There is an auto mode the automatically detects the amount of vapor and adapts.  Outside of the auto, there are three other levels.  Level 1 is the low which pushes out the lowest amount of fan speed.

Level 2 is medium and pushes out a medium amount of fan speed.  Level 3 pushes out the highest amount of fan speed.  This purifier can be used inside and inside of a car as well, for a multi purpose use.

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