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The Growth Of Online Casinos In Japan


Gambling and ‘luck-based games’ have always been seen and considered as ‘shady business’ in Japan largely because of how Japanese culture and traditions perceive the notion of betting in general.

Being a conservative country it is no surprise that games based on luck are considered illegal in Japan. However, ‘skill-based games’ are not considered illegal and this is where a loophole is formulated in the system.

The laws in Japan surrounding gambling are extremely strict, yet they are still over 20,000 gambling halls in Japan and plenty of back-alley casinos. Japan has recently considered the prospect of legalizing gambling and permit it in certain areas of the country. Games like Pachinko have always been highly popular in Japan and is an estimated 200 billion dollar industry.

The country is currently in a serious debate as to whether to implement the popular “Casino Bill” or stand true to its conservative roots. However, recently the government has loosed up its laws surrounding gambling and has turned a blind eye to many underground and online casinos currently in operation.

The Rise Of Online Gambling In Japan

If Casinos were legalized in Japan it would stand to become the third-largest casino capital of the world so there is no denying the economic feasibility of its legalizations. However, government and cultural implications have made the legalization process quite complicated. It was until the government realized how much money they were actually loosing to foreign countries that the matter was taken seriously,

The legalization process of online casinos began in 2016 and came with several restrictions. Japanese citizens were only allowed to gamble on government sports games and lottery tickets which weren’t even remotely close to meeting the needs of the people.

Betting and gambling are big in Japan despite the notions surrounding its illegitimacy. It is popular with the youth and elders alike which has put even more pressure on the government to legalize the process.

Yet, even today, online betting is illegal in Japan. That is why Japanese players have sought foreign websites such as to quench their thirst and thrill for online casinos. Such websites are safe and accept Japanese players and offer a safe and secure gaming environment.

Choosing The Right Online Casino In Japan

Choosing the right online casino is important, especially, when it comes to having a secure money-transfering channel. So make sure you read up and understand the terms and conditions carefully before investing your money.

There is no doubt that in the near future online gambling will be legalized in Japan and that will open up a whole array of Japenese online casinos that players from around the world will participate in. But until that day comes players in Japan will have to rely on more foreign sources for fulfilling there gambling urges.

To Sum Up

It is likely that online casinos in Japan will become a reality soon but as of now, there are sadly no legal Japanese casino sites where you can test your gambling skills. Japanese players will have to continue to resort to out-of-country online casinos to test there luck and skill when it comes to winning it big!

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