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Ground-Breaking Technologies That Are Going to Improve Your Safety


The world can be a dangerous place. The moment you turn on your TV, you’re flooded with reports of assaults, workplace security breaches, and car accidents. Such reports are always disheartening and serve as a reminder that you should take your safety seriously. This is where new, innovative technology can help.

Technology has influenced our safety, in both positive and negative ways. On the one hand, tech like the internet lets you connect with people and transfer data at just the click of a button. On the other hand, this data is publicly available for any skilled cybercriminal to steal.

Luckily, security tech is advancing every day to combat safety issues plaguing the modern world. App stores nowadays have free companion apps that monitor you on a late-night walk home. Likewise, Bluetooth emergency buttons are helping companies minimize workplace accidents and keep employees safe.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is plenty of groundbreaking tech out there to keep your personal life and workplace as safe as possible.

Apps, Wearables, and Software for Workplace Safety

Cloud-Based Surveillance

When thinking about surveillance, the first thing that probably comes to mind is security cameras. But a good surveillance system goes beyond that, encompassing things like alarms, fraud prevention, defense against cyberattacks, and entrance monitoring. All these means of protection require separate software to operate and managing them all can be a hassle. That’s why cloud-based surveillance has become so popular.

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This type of software interfaces with all security systems, and unifies them into one single program. The program is managed through a simple, easy-to-use phone app, for maximum convenience. Furthermore, it checks all the boxes of a good security system, thus making it the perfect tool for a business owner who wants to protect their company in the most convenient way possible.

Bluetooth Emergency Buttons

Panic buttons are something bank tellers and cashiers know well. But these devices can actually do more than just prevent robberies. Sadly, sexual harassment and assault are still massive problems in the workplace. Hotel workers in particular are twice as likely to experience harassment from guests. They’re also at a much higher risk of getting injured.

This is why employees must have Bluetooth panic buttons. These discrete devices link to phone apps via a wireless Bluetooth connection. When you activate them, they use short-range transmitters to quickly send an alert to the monitoring center. Overall, they are a great tool to keep workers safe and injury-free while on the job

Wearable Tech for Monitoring Safety and Stress

If your business handles dangerous materials or has a high-risk work environment, then employee safety should be your number one priority. Thanks to recent innovations, there is plenty of wearable tech for monitoring things like dangerous levels of toxins in the air. Some wearables even go so far as to keep an eye on worker-machine interactions, or any other unsafe behavior that could lead to an injury.

Apart from monitoring external behaviors, some wearables even monitor the workers themselves. They have built-in sensors that keep track of employees’ postures, heart rates, body temperature, to prevent them from coming to harm.

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Tech for Personal Security

Buddy System Tracking Apps

Walking home at night can be a scary experience. Many of us just don’t feel safe doing it, and often keep 911 on dial till we’re safely back indoors. Here is where tracking apps can be useful. Designed for people who are worried about their safety at night, these apps are trackers that let you mark your start and end location. They then allow you to choose a person from your contacts and share your location with them. Your chosen ‘buddy’ will then track your location to make sure you get home safely.

The best part about these apps is that they track your location on a map, so your ‘buddy’ doesn’t even need to download the app to keep an eye on you. Furthermore, there are companion apps that let you choose the best lit routes to your home. Some even show you areas with high rates of reported crime so that you can avoid them.

Car Safety Monitoring Systems

If you think driving home is safer than walking, guess again. Over 32,000 Americans die in car crashes every year. Children especially have the highest rates of car crash fatalities and the risk only increases if they’re unbuckled. In light of this, you should always make sure you and your passengers are safe before going for a drive. Here is where a monitoring system can be helpful.

Car safety systems use wireless Bluetooth technology to send alerts to remind you to put on a seatbelt. Some systems specifically monitor child car seats and send you warnings if your little one manages to undo the fastening.

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Apart from seatbelts, car monitoring systems have automatic brakes to stop head-on collisions. They also use the car’s radar and camera to adjust cruising speed depending on surrounding traffic. All in all, they’re the perfect tool to keep you and your most precious passengers safe.

Wearables for Tracking Health

Danger isn’t always external — sometimes, it’s your own body that can turn against you. If you have a life-threatening chronic condition, then you likely have to monitor your vital signs to avoid potential attacks. In this case, using wearable health trackers can be a life-saver — literally.

Small discreet wearables like wristbands, rings, or smartwatches are a great way to monitor vital signs like heart rate, body temperature, and even stress levels. Some go so far as to provide your personal healthcare info and instant analysis for EMTs in the event of an emergency. Aside from monitoring life-threatening conditions, these wearables are suitable for everyday use as well.

In addition, some smartwatches come with built-in apps that track workout intensity and help you minimize injury. These apps use your statistics to then recommend personalized workout programs best suited to your current fitness level.

Other wearables are especially helpful for women since they can accurately track ovulation, menstrual cycles, and health during pregnancy.

Bottom Line

Technology may not be a cure for all our problems, but it certainly makes a difference. Things like cloud-based security systems, Bluetooth panic buttons, and wearable tech protect your business and keep your employees from getting injured. Likewise, there are a whole host of apps and software that offer personal and medical security in your everyday life, as well. Overall, it’s a necessary part of life that helps make this world a little bit safer.

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