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Confused About Getting the Right MS Office Version for you? Here is What You Need to Know


If you are looking for the ideal version of the MS office for your computer, then you need to keep few things in mind. Microsoft has developed several versions of MS office according to the need of different users. If you’re looking for the free version, well you can always use the browser best version online. You just need to use your Microsoft account in order to log in and use the free version of MS Office in your browser. No need to install any software in your computer in order to use the free web browser-based version. You can even use the OneDrive server online in order to store or download files on your computer. Although the downloaded version of the document files may not work properly in the web-based version of MS office.

Microsoft Office:

You can subscribe to the MS Office 365 services provided by Microsoft. They usually charge about $7 monthly in order to subscribe for the personal edition of the office 365. After you have subscribed for the MS office 365 services, Microsoft will keep your office up to date by providing frequent updates. Online storage and technical support are included in the monthly subscription of the MS office 365. You can even purchase the MS office 2016 which can be installed into your computer without any monthly subscription.

This version of the MS office does not require any internet connection, you just need to install it and activate the product using the product key which is available on the box of the software. You can get the complete version of the MS office 2016 for $150, although prices may vary depending on the discounts and offers provided by several retailers. In case any new version of the MS office releases, you cannot get the updated version just by updating the software.

You need to purchase the latest version from the retailer and install it on your computer. But in the case of MS office 365, all the latest version of the software will be automatically available through online updates. Before you can choose MS office for your computer, you also need to check that your computer runs 32-bit Software or 64-bit Software. In order to check that which version of software your computer runs; you can always go to the text of your computer and right click on the “My Computer” icon.

Select the properties option in order to get the complete details, you will get to see the version of the software. If you are interested in MS office then you can always download it from softwarekeep, we have provided the complete details in “inthow” website about MS office.

Versions of MS Office 2016:

There are multiple versions of MS office 2016 available in the market for you to install in your computer. Read the complete details about this software versions before you can install them in your computer. We would definitely recommend you to compare Microsoft Office, before choosing the particular version for your computer.

  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016:

This version of the MS Office includes these following core apps, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneNote. All the basic functionalities are available in this version of the software. You can easily create documents and share them, although cloud storage feature is not available.

  • Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016:

This version of the MS Office offers all the basic core applications, although it does not include OneNote. It is replaced by the outlook application which is one of the most powerful email management applications available in the market.

  • Microsoft Office Standard 2016:

This is the standard version of the Microsoft Office, it includes all the basic 3 core applications Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Although you will also get Outlook and publisher application in this version. The publisher is an application for designing several layouts of documents which are needed for publishing material. This particular version of the MS Office is only available for bulk purchase like school and business.

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2016:

MS office professional 2016 is have been all the applications which are available in other portion of the software, but also includes Microsoft Access. It is a powerful application for database management which is used in business. This version does not require any bulk license and it is sold as a personal copy.

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus:

This is the most extended version of the MS Office software available in the market. This version includes all the core applications office and also includes MS Access, MS Publisher and Skype for business. This version of the software is mainly meant for the business owners who are having multiple employees in the company.

Wrapping Things Up:

Don’t get confused while selecting the right MS Office version for your computer. In this article, we have provided complete information about various versions of the Microsoft Office, which will help you to select the best version for your computer. We have gathered this information from different sources and the Microsoft website, which we have provided in this article for you. Share this useful article with others, so that they can choose the correct version of MS Office for their computer.

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