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Getting The Best Returns From Online Gambling


Betting can often seem like a losing battle. After all, we always know that the odds are stacked against us as punters, and you only need to look at the profitability online gambling companies to know how much money comes out of their customer’s pockets, never to return. Online gambling accounted for £3.1 billion pounds of gambling profit from 2020-21, comprising 52.3% of the overall market.

But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t strategies and methods you can employ to get the best returns out of your online betting. Let’s look at a few of them.

#1 Pick the best site

While you should always use licensed and certified platforms to do your online gambling, even within that, the fact is that certain sites are going to have a much higher rate of pay out than others. One of the ways that disreputable online platforms increase their profits is by massively increasing the house’s odds almost to the point of rigging.

You need to know to look for the best sites, then. Exactly what form of online gambling you are engaging in will of course be a factor, but in general, it’s best to go for the biggest and most well-known sites. Within that, do your research to find out which one, statistically, pays out the most and in the highest amounts.

This will always be changing, so you’ll need to keep updating your research, too.

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#2 Make good use of promos and bonuses

Because of the sheer number of betting sites in the U.K.—there are as many as 2,600 licensed sites today, with both independent sites and white label options making up this huge number —these platforms and companies have been scrambling for years to compete with and distinguish themselves from other platforms.

This is great for us as consumers. The competition drives innovation and, more importantly, increasingly attractive promotions and bonuses.

It’s always most important to do this research when starting out. The welcome offers are usually the most attractive.

However, continuing to make good use of the bonuses as they come up over the course of your betting career is crucial to getting the highest returns, too. Keep your eyes out for any bonuses and promotions relevant to your betting niche.

These kinds of bonuses cover things like sign-up and welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free spins and even loyalty promotions. All of them will help you get the best returns.

#3 Find the right games

The simple truth is that some games are far more stacked in the house’s favour than others are. While the first step should be finding a game you enjoy playing and that you can see yourself getting to know, it’s also worth considering how favourable a particular game is.

Single deck games like blackjack massively increase your chances of winning. In fact, blackjack is well known as one of the most popular for this reason, having only a 1.5% house edge. With a well-managed budget and strategy, blackjack is a great way to increase your returns from online gambling.

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Craps is another good choice, with a similar house-edge range to blackjack. Craps is also popular since it can be one of the most exciting games in an online casino.

There are many other games that are similarly not so stacked in the house’s favour, so find one that you enjoy and consider sticking to it. One of the best strategies for increasing your returns is sticking to a single niche and learning it as much as you can, so this is a great strategy.

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