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Get Your Blog Approved in Technorati Superfast Easily


If you own a blog or write for one, then you must have already heard about Technorati. Incase you haven’t then you must consider submitting and getting your blog approved today, itself. It has a very easy to follow mechanism to claim blogs. The detailed guide on how to submit blog to Technorati has been described in this post.

Technorati is a media service providing company for blogs, founded predominantly as a blog search engine. Currently, Technorati indexes more than a million blogs and publishes best content everyday.

Why you need to submit blog to Technorati?

Broadly, Technorati is a search engine for blogs. But Google too indexes blogs neatly and has a specific blog search mechanism. And you don’t need to claim your blog in Google. So is submitting blogs to Technorati a waste of time? Should you consider claiming your blog? What are the advantages in getting blogs approved in Technorati?

The following section answers all the questions. It covers the advantages of Technorati submission and why you too should get your blog approved in Technorati.

  • A specialized search engine for blogs
  • An exclusive club for all bloggers
  • Get exposure and traffic to your blog
  • A hub for trending topics and resources
  • Systematic Ranking System

Easy Steps on How to Get Your Blog Approved in Technorati

So, having said that, now it becomes evident, why every blogger should connect their blogs with Technorati. Follow these easy steps to get your blog approved in Technorati fast.

Create an account in Technorati

Inorder to use Technorati, you have to sign up. After creating the account login to it. You can use the same account for claiming multiple blogs as well. But, each blog has to be claimed individually. You can also use the account to write posts for Technorati, keep track of your favorite blog and bloggers etc.

After successful log in, you won’t be directed to any dashboard or your profile page. Look for your name in the top right corner and click on that link.

Claim Your Blog

On clicking the link, you will be directed to your account with all your details. First you have you’re My profile section, below it My bio and My profile picture.

But, what concerns us is the section below the My profile picture section. You will find a text field. Enter your complete blog address,, for example and click on the Claim button.

The My claimed blogs section will have your pending blogs which are under review and also your already claimed blogs, if any.

1. Enter Your Blog Details Correctly

The first step to get your blog approved in Technorati is to fill in the details correctly. On pressing the claim button, you will be directed to a form. Take extra caution while submitting your blog Feed URL and choosing the Site categories.

Enter 4-5 relevant Site tags. Technorati gives high priority on these tags and sorts blogs accordingly. Use only those tags that best describe your blog. Preferably include your blog’s Meta keywords. Click Proceed to the next step.

2. Get Claim Code from Confirmation Mail

An email will be sent to you about your blog submission in Technorati, with the claim code. The claim code is a unique alpha numeric code, which needs to be included, in your blog.

3. Adding Technorati Claim Code

Copy the claim code from the email and paste it in a recent blog post. You don’t have to do anything else with it, other than including it in a recent blog post. For example, I have included the Technorati code that was mailed to my contact with no HTML editing: HPJYEHBAKVE7. To get your blog approved in Technorati, place the one-time use claim code, mailed to you.

4. Click on Check Claim

Once you add the claim in your recent blog post, publish it. Check that it appears in the RSS feed. If the post doesn’t appear in your RSS then wait for few hours.

And if you find the code in your blog’s RSS, check claim. That’s it. Soon you will get your blog approved in Technorati. But, incase you get any error message then it may be because of any or all of the following:

  1. Wrong blog address
  2. Invalid RSS feed URL
  3. Omission of code
  4. Placed wrong/old claim code

Simply, click on the small cross symbol beside your blog in the My claimed blogs section. Follow all the steps to get your blog approved in Technorati again and re-enter details correctly.

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