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Where To Get The Most Reliable Sports Odds Data


Whether you’re developing a sports application with the goal to inform users on sports data or you’re building a more complex betting app, you will comes across one of the most common obstacles – finding the right data API. Connecting sports data to an application is done through an Application Programming Interface or API for short.

It is important to choose a fast and reliable API that will keep your application functional and enjoyable to use. However, developers often face the challenge of finding sports odds APIs that can meet such requirements. We’ve done the research for you and found the best sports data API on the market known as OddsAPI. Read on to learn more about their application programming interface!

Why Choose OddsApi?

OddsApi provides accurate real time odds data for different sports events. They provide data for over 15 sports and from over 30 bookmakers. Their data is collected from sports events all over the world and the results are displayed in an easy-to-read platform. What’s great about OddsApi is that they allow simple and easy integration. All you have to do is install a small piece of code in your application to get the API running.

Why Choose OddsApi

With OddsApi, this process won’t be a challenge even for beginner developers. Besides easy integration, OddsApi offers great customer support, allowing their users to get informed on everything they need regarding the service. Their flexible pricing plans feature set request limits per month. However, any request errors or unsuccessful requests won’t count toward your overall limit.

Only the successful responses will be calculated toward your overall amount of requests per month. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will never be paying for something you’re not actually receiving. The professional team behind OddsApi is constantly working on improving the interface. They focus on tracking and maintaining the uptime of the service.

As you probably know, the efficiency of your application will largely depend on the efficiency of the API itself. Thus, if the API is constantly down, users won’t be satisfied with the service your application provides. However, you don’t have to worry about this when it comes to OddsAPI. Their team works hard on a daily basis to ensure maximum availability and reliability at all times. The result of their effort is the uptime of 99.99%.

What You Need to Know About OddsApi

One more thing you are probably wondering about when it comes to OddsApi and their service is the actual pricing. How much does it cost to have a reliable API installed in your application? Well, OddsApi offers quite flexible pricing plans, allowing customers to select a plan that fits their needs and budget the best. Thus, they offer a total of four different pricing plans that can be covered on a monthly or a yearly basis.

Keep in mind that the annual subscriptions come with a 20% discount, which makes them seem like a more appealing offer. If you’re not down for annual payments, you can choose to pay for the API on a monthly basis by selecting one of the four available monthly plans. What’s great about OddsApi is that they offer a completely free plan that allows you to test their service before making a larger commitment.

The free plan allows for 1000 requests per month and it includes data from all sports and bookmakers, as well as HTTPS encryption for security purposes. All of their plans offer the same features, they only differ in pricing and the number of requests you can make per month. Thus, the second plan is the Small plan that allows for 15 000 requests per month at a monthly price of 9.99$ or 7.99$ on the annual plan.

The Medium plan offers 120 000 monthly requests for 44.99$ per month or 35.99$ on the annual plan. The final pricing plane is the Large plan that costs 84.99$ per month or 68.99$ on the annual plan. The large plan will get you a total of 5 500 500 requests per month. The pricing flexibility makes OddsApi more accessible to smaller companies and individuals who are looking for a reliable provider of sports odds data.


Overall, OddsApi is a convenient and simple-to-use sports API that allows developers to track sports odds data easily and more efficiently. They offer an efficient service backed with great customer support. Their API can easily be integrated in any application with the simple use of a short code, allowing the developers to meet the needs of their app users.

Besides easy and fast integration, OddsApi offers flexible pricing plans that vary according to the amount of available monthly search requests. It is important to mention that the larger pricing plans come with unlimited support and a service level agreement (SLA).

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