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Get the Most by Paying Less with Cox TV Starter


TV entertainment is a great source of relaxation, soothing our minds while we take some time out from our hectic routines. Though modes of entertainment have been evolving and quite recently, we saw the rise of streaming services as a strong competitor to every other system, cable TV still finds its place in the majority of lounges in American households. Cable TV is a lifestyle, and it enjoys great importance as is evident by the stronghold of its industry in the market and the countless cable providers having a majority of subscribers. Whenever we talk about the best cable TV providers that have been able to surpass in providing high-quality services at the most cost-effective prices, Cox cable TV tops the list and for all the right reasons.

It has so much to offer in terms of a variety of plans, exuberant channel lineups, massive on-demand content, an attractive DVR, and an impressively efficient customer support service. Cox also offers bundles, where you can combine up to four services including TV, internet, landline, and home security services, to save endlessly on your plan. There are generally four steps you are required to follow while signing up. You must choose among the tentative list of service plans, select the equipment and add-ons, enter your account details, and checkout. Cox has one of the most efficient checkout platforms that is meant to offer the most customizable experience to the customers.

Among its most satisfying plans includes the ever-popular Cox TV Starter plan that enjoys major attention from the customers. Here is a deeper look as to what the Cox TV Starter plan has in store for you:

Cox TV Starter Plan Pricing

Cox is known to offer more customization options to its subscribers than any other provider out there. The Cox TV Starter Plan covers a large number of local channels and is available for around $50 per month with access to around 75 channels. This is cheaper than most streaming services.

Cox TV Starter Channel Lineup

The Cox TV Starter offers local broadcast, education, government, as well as shopping channels. Not just that, it also offers more than 50 commercial-free Music Choice Channels. Among the popular channels, you’ll get the CW, Fox, ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS, C-Span, and others.

Better Customization Features

For those who are looking for basic channels, Cox TV Starter is just the right choice. Cox is known to give more authority to its customers by offering the best customization features for more ease and convenience. Therefore, this package is also completely customizable. You can choose to add on or even bundle TV and internet to save a good amount of money. Not only that, but you also enjoy the perk of managing multiple services under one bill. The TV Starter plan by Cox is an incredibly low price as compared to the rest, which makes it an attractive avenue for basic and local channels. Moreover, the premium channel add-ons can be added on top of TV Starter at the same price as available for standalone services.

Cox Contract Policy

In order to subscribe to a Cox plan, you usually have to sign a two-year contract but the best part of its policy is that during the term of the promotional pricing, you do not have to worry about price hikes. In the case of most of the providers, you observe the rates almost doubled after a period of time, throwing your budget off the rails.

Cox Equipment 

If you subscribe to Cox TV, you get three DVR options for rental. You can choose as per your recording needs. These are:

  • Record 2-HD DVR
  • Record 6-HD DVR
  • Record 24-HD DVR

These Cox DVRs differ in terms of their storage space and capacity. Each DVR has a certain limit of shows that you can record at one time. Bigger families with various members having different areas of interest might need a DVR with greater recording space that also comes with a higher price.

Cox Customer Care Service

Considering the high rankings Cox enjoys in terms of high-quality customer care and support, you can rest assured that you will be facilitated to the fullest and any of your queries will be entertained promptly once you subscribe to the Cox TV Starter plan. If you want to get more information and assistance regarding the availability of this plan in your area or about pricing, you can either chat online with any of the customer support representatives or call the provider’s official helpline.

Final Take

Cox cable TV is ideal for those who seek reliable entertaining service at budget-friendly rates. If you want more, then you can add premium channels of your choice, which might cost more. In addition to impressive cable TV service, Cox also offers excellent internet service. As the aforementioned discussion suggests, the Cox TV Starter plan checks all the boxes when it comes to affordable access to around 75 basic and local channels with exceptional customer care service and easy customization features.

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