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Get Back Old Bookmarks Manager in Chrome


Google has been pushing out many updates in Chrome Web browser. Though, some are good and improving user experience while some of the updates has made Google Chrome more difficult than it was in its previous update. Previously, the option to switch between profiles was easy as it opened a separate page to change log-in profile. But after recent update, instead of making it more easier, the option is now more complicated. Each time you want to switch profile, a temporary windows opens which can go away at any time whenever you click anywhere else.

Anyway, the recent update changed the bookmark manager interface. Now, instead of having a quick navigable list of bookmarked pages, you will see some large boxes with images. Although, you can choose from settings how you want to see list i.e. list or grid. New bookmark manager has changed how old bookmark worked.

Whenever you want to bookmark any webpage, you want to click star icon on right side of address bar. Clicking on star icon adds webpage to all items list and a new folder other bookmarks. If you want to add it to your desired folder then you can choose from drop-down menu but it is little complicated.

Although, if you don’t have updated version of Chrome and want to check how new updated version of Google Chrome looks then you can download its latest version from their official website. I’ve included standalone downloader link here so that you can install Google Chrome on all of your computers with only one download.

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How to switch back to old Bookmark manager:-

Reverting back to old bookmark manager is quite simple. You ca revert back using Chrome Flag feature. If you have updated version of Google Chrome and want to get back old bookmark manager. You can follow given steps below:-

  1. Enter chrome://flags in the URL address box and hit Enter.
  2. Search for “Enable Enhanced Bookmarks” in the search bar by hitting CTRL+F buttons.
  3. Switch “Default” to “Disabled” from drop-down menu.
  4. Hit the “Relaunch Now” button.

After re-launch of Google Chrome, you will get your old bookmark manager back. Old bookmark manager is quite simple without boxes and colors. So, which one of old and new interface of bookmark you liked the most? Tell me. If still you are stuck with something, feel free to ask in comment section below.

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