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Bootcamp: To Get Ahead In The Tech World


Are you thinking of joining a boot camp? Good idea! In the past few years, boot camps have become increasingly popular amongst the younger generation. Many have morphed from a small operation based in one cramped room into more prominent institutes. Thousands of candidates enroll in different courses each month. These coding hubs have emerged because the fast-growing tech industry needs more workforce. The demand has exceeded the number of Computer Science students graduating each year.

Bootcamps offer short-term intense training sessions. They are well-designed to teach students technical skills such as coding and programming languages quickly using a specific curriculum. They help applicants acquire the skills that modern enterprises are hunting for.

According to a report published by a famous website, BestColleges, more than 23,000 students graduated from different coding schools in 2019. Bootcamps are delivered online and in person. But you can combine both these approaches for a more holistic and enriching experience.

Still unsure about joining one? Here are a few points to consider.

1. Do You Wish to Learn to Code?

It is the first question to ask before joining a boot camp! A certain amount of motivation and inspiration is required to learn something as complex and robust as coding and programming. Assess to determine whether you have a good knowledge of fundamental mathematics and behavioral skills. Like effective communication, problem-solving, and writing before becoming a professional software programmer. You must be inquisitive too!

2. Selecting the Right Programming Language in Bootcamp:

It would be best to look at the viability of a programming language, its future scope in innovation, and its popularity while choosing a language. If you want to build iOS apps for iPhones in the future, available on Apple App Store, choose an iOS course in an iOS bootcamp. But if you’re starting as a programmer, then learn the C language. It covers the fundamentals of all other programming languages. For example, C language, in particular, powers a plethora of modern software than we give it credit for.

On the flip side, some of the best-known software is developed in C++. Learning C is going to build a strong base for you. However, in many cases, learning C++ will become a prime prerequisite to learning different paradigms of advanced software development.

3. Bootcamps are Cost-Effective with Long Term Courses:

Bootcamps are generally more affordable as it takes less time to complete a course than a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. According to a popular website, Course Report, tuition ranges from approximately $ 3,500 to $30,000, with an average being roughly $14,142. Bootcamps have now started offering Income Sharing Agreements (ISA) and Deferred Tuition Plan (DTP), making payments pretty flexible for the applicants.

The duration of courses has increased in a few past years, from 11 weeks to 15 on an average. Many employers have started seriously considering the course duration while deciding a graduate’s salary; therefore, many students have begun opting for long-term courses.

4. Employers Think Highly of Coding Bootcamp Graduates:

The employer perception has changed big time looking at the increasing number of boot camp graduates throughout the years. For example, tech giants such as Microsoft have been employing more applicants with Bootcamp credentials. GM for Microsoft Education, Dan Ayoub, says that the flexibility, accessibility, and practical skills that boot camps focus on have led more students to apply for these schools. These students have exceptional technical skills to offer.

And why not? For people who want to explore technical skill sets like coding and programming, and for those who want to build a career in the tech world, boot camps are an excellent way to test their mettle. They are cost and time-effective compared to a four-year degree program.

Many other employers perceive boot camps as a positive shift in technical education. In 2017, Indeed, a famous job search website, posted a survey assessing the viability of boot camps. The survey contains a questionnaire about if Bootcamp graduates possess the same skill sets and professionalism as their university graduate counterparts. 72% of employers said they do, while 17% disagreed.

5. Graduates Get Good Salaries:

Since boot camps teach practical skills needed in the corporate world, their graduates become valuable assets for employers. Many graduates find employment immediately after completing their courses. According to Course Report, the average starting salary of a graduate is $69,079. When moving on to their second job, boot camp graduates typically receive a rise of 23% in their wages and keep climbing the corporate ladder successfully.

Similarly, professionals report a 56% salary increase after completing a certificate course from a boot camp.

6. Online Bootcamps:

Lately, several online boot camps have emerged in the wake of COVID-19. They offer great convenience to individuals who are employed full-time and don’t need to quit their jobs. Also, online boot camps provide various learning methods such as one-on-one teaching, group mentoring and interaction, and targeted career coaching.

These online tech camps are ideal for self-starters, professionals looking to brush up on their skills or learn new ones, and those considering a career change. Bootcamps for programming languages are quick yet immersive and give people a chance to dive into the tech industry without any barriers to entry. For many, these boot camps are an ideal way to drive their careers in a new direction.

The Bottom Line

Coding boot camps undoubtedly provide Millennials and Gen Z, fascinated with speed and accessibility, a fast-tracked way of getting into the tech industry. However, one must understand that the teaching practices at a code school differ in depth and scope compared to a traditional college program, which is why you can’t compare the two. Ultimately, both exquisitely cater to the expanding needs of the tech industry.

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