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How To Get 1000 Active Followers On Instagram In One Day


So, are you struggling to get followers on your Instagram profile? If yes, stick around and give us a minute to solve your problem.

Today, we’re going to look at how you can gain as much as a thousand active followers on Instagram in one day.

Now let’s take a look on two different profiles based upon their social following.

If your accounts looks something like this then this tutorial is going to help pump it up to this.

So, are you excited? And want to grow your profile from that dead one to popular one? So, let’s jump and see how the things work.

So, to grow the profile followers, I will be discussing four main strategies. Let’s jump into this to grow 1000 active followers:

#1 Follow-Unfollow

We are not going to use it the abusive way of follow and unfollow as it can lead to getting banned but we’re going to do it very carefully. You should follow between 300 and 500 people every day in your niche. Now if your account is brand new, you might want to start with following 100 to 200 peoples a day and then work your way up by 50 each day.

This way you will be safe and your profile will grow as a natural profile. Next step to take is to check which ones are not following you back and throw them out of your profile as they are of no use. So, you need to unfollow about 300 to 500 peoples a day. Make sure you don’t unfollow them so immediately, do this after one week or so.

There are softwares for doing this like safe softwares I use myself. Just make sure you follow peoples in your niche. Otherwise you will not get enough conversions in terms of engagement and likes. If your niche is memes, you need to follow people who like and comment on other meme pages.

Why? Because they’re targeted. They will like each one of your post.

Now if you do this right and consistently, it will gain you about 50 to 100 followers a day alone. Follow and unfollow isn’t really powerful but combining it with the 2 other methods described below will be very powerful. But if you get tired of the process, you can try some of the Instagram Growth services too that will help you a lot.

#2 Viral Videos and Pictures

You know this strategy is more powerful than previous one. It will gain your massive amount of targeted followers if any of your posted video or photo goes viral on the Instagram.

The simple strategy is to keep an eye on popular videos and photos which gone viral on Instagram. Find a way to download such video from Instagram and edit it with your own material and re-upload it again.

It would be better if you put a clickbait thumbnail on it. It has been seen that peoples doesn’t like to read what’s the video is about. They simply look at the thumbnail. You have the minimum time to convert a person. So use clickbait thumbnail if you want to make video viral.

Doing this for a while will surely result in good exposure. You will gain massive and targeted followers once the peoples notice you.

#3 Like Rounds or DM Groups

With like rounds, you’ll get anything from 600 to 800 likes per picture that you post. This is going to make the viral videos and pictures go extra viral. Because when a picture gets a lot of likes fast, Instagram sees it as an authority.

I know the likes are not fake. Like rounds have been around since like 2016 and it just works different now. But it’s a thing and it’s been working for a long time.

The videos and pictures which are viral is going to help boost the account by gaining traction and the likes from like grounds or DM groups are going to melt it all together by just boosting those posts to the explore page and ranking in hashtags. That way you’re going to gain a ton of followers if you actually end up doing this correct. So yeah that is how you grow a thousand active Instagram followers a day.

#4 Using Instagrowing To Gain Quick Followers

What if you don’t have enough time or don’t want to invest your precious time into above described method, I have a solution for you.

Just go to Instagrowing and buy quick followers for your Instagram profile. Once a person follow your profile, he permanently becomes your customer. You can also get 1000 likes within a day to any of your post. You can use the method to make your friend jealous. They will have no clue how and why you are getting viral. Isn’t that feeling great?

If you enjoyed this awesome article, make sure to share it on your Facebook profile. If you are still facing any problem, please let us know in the comment section below. Thanks.

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