Gambling Dice for Cryptocurrency

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gambling dice for cryptocurrency

Casinos around the world, both physical and online, have become more modern as cryptocurrencies gain popularity in the financial sphere. Cryptocurrency gambling has gained a significant number of fans due to the fact that they are easily accessible to digital players around the world.

Now, with the help of popular cryptocurrencies, you can place bets, play slot machines and even participate in a new direction of the cryptocurrency market — crypto games. To this day, the most famous and popular crypto in the virtual world is Bitcoin. Let’s learn more about what a BTC gambling game is and how to play it!

Types of Cryptocurrency Games

At the moment, the following games are the most popular:

  • dice;
  • blackjack;
  • lottery;
  • roulette;
  • dice V2.

All of them offer interesting features, convenient management, and high-quality design. Further, each entertainment is analyzed in detail.


The game is convenient because most cryptocurrencies are available there — players can find both well-known options (BTC, ETH, USDT) and rare crypts (DAI dice, USDC dice, and so on) in the list.

Dice players can also participate in their own progressive jackpot, and by following simple rules, all users have the opportunity to win larger rewards.

Another feature of the Dice game is auto-spacers. Due to the auto-settings, there’s no need to press the roll every time and increase or decrease the bet — it’s enough just to set the initial conditions of the game and observe the process or just wait for the result of the entire series of throws.


A famous card game in which 21 points solve or break the deal. If players successfully beat the dealer’s hand without exceeding the limit or scored 21 points directly in the first 2 draws, then they are awarded a winning score.


The simplest game that even inexperienced gamblers can handle. As in the well-known lottery, the cryptographic version also needs to be played by buying tickets. The results of the sweepstakes are always fair for each participant.


One of the most classic entertainments giving an exclusive gaming experience is roulette. To earn a winning score, players should accurately predict their neighbors’ bets so that the ball thrown on the wheel hits any of them.

Dice V2

A more modern version of Dice was created, and it’s called DiceV2. The game’s rules also require the player to make a correct prediction of their throw. The final result of the throw is always displayed on the slider. The game also has an automatic betting feature that allows you to place multiple bets at a time and get a very interesting progressive jackpot.

Conclusion on Crypto Games

The list includes only card games, but there are many equally interesting simulators, puzzles, sandboxes, and other entertainment on the market. Crypto games or NFT games are play-to-earn games, the purpose of which, as the developers say, is for players’ profitable earnings. In such games, all the items that can be obtained are in the form of a non-interchangeable token. That is, they are unique in their nature, and there are no more such in the game universe.

Most games require a small initial investment. Before investing in any game, be sure to make sure it’s reliable!

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