Galaxy Z Fold: Future of Mobile Phones?

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galaxy z fold future of mobile phones

Samsung recently held an event to launch some of its new flagship devices. Among the gadgets announced during the Unpacked 2020 are Earbuds Live and Watch 3. The company did not shy away from announcing that Galaxy Z Fold 2 is on its way.

Although they scheduled the foldable phone’s launch to September 1, they made it clear that they are set to improve on what they delivered in Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold. With a big screen, foldable to any angle, you should try to use these devices to play poker at a casino online pl.

Shortcomings of the Previous Releases

Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be joining the Z product line, perhaps early 2021. It comes at a time when Apple will have released iPhone 12, and even though the iPhone is not foldable, the two devices will be worth a comparison. However, time is not yet for that, and as of now, we can only compare Z Fold 2 to its predecessors.

First, the original Galaxy Z Fold was laden with inefficiencies that caused professional reviewers to call out the company. One of the issues raised concerned the hinges which could take in dust and debris. This means that the screen of the original devices was at risk of getting damaged from the inside.

The first devices also had a very fragile screen, and Samsung is on record warning customers not to tap the screen with force. This implied that Samsung Fold was not designed to be a daily use smartphone. Other people were concerned that the original device had a small screen measuring about 4.6 inches with the folding corners taking too much space.

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Samsung Fold 2

In response to what users said about the two previous devices, Samsung has redesigned the foldable phone. The new version that was mentioned during their unpacked event and which will be launched on September 1 is a true definition of a futuristic phone.

Samsung is not giving up on its dream to bring foldable phones to everyone. From the minor details mentioned in the previous event, Samsung Fold 2 will have a larger screen than the earlier versions. Furthermore, one of the foldable displays has been redesigned to bring a 120Hz refresh rate. Perhaps, the company will announce which screen has this feature during the Z Fold 2 dedicated event in September.

Samsung Fold 2 will also carry improved hinges expected to spring, giving users a worthwhile experience. The hinges have also been improved to hold the two screens firmly at any angle. With the new improvements, the device will be expected to fold out like a laptop. To counter the claims of some reviewers, the manufacturer explained that they had added a sweeper to the hinges to prevent dust from damaging the phone.

The Bottom Line

With the impending release of Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung will prove its commitment to the foldable future. It was the first company to release a foldable phone, and they are not ready to let that go unnoticed. Even though other companies have joined the race, the release of Z Fold 2 will give them a run for their money.

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