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Digital Technology: 7 Gadgets That Make Car Travel Easier


Every driver wants the road trip to be easy, safe and enjoyable. But what is needed for this? First of all, you need a good and reliable car, and it would be a great solution to rent it where you want. For example, you expect to reserve a rental car in Pittsburgh. For this, visit, select the desired location, and you will get a list of cars available there. This will be the easiest and fastest way to pick up rental car in Pittsburgh, and the same applies to any other location around the world.

Of course, the car is only the first component required for an easy road journey. The second ingredient you need is some additional electronic devices to use them for the benefit. Among a large number of them you can find quite interesting things. Which ones? We won’t consider well-known radar detectors, video recorders and navigators, but talk about lesser-known, but also useful auto-gadgets…

Anti-Sleep Device

Almost every trucker knows the situation when, after long, exhausting hours spent on the road a feeling of drowsiness may appear. According to the physiological characteristics of a human, the duration of constant stress concentration of attention doesn’t exceed 5-6 hours in a row.

In order to prevent accidents and save the driver from falling asleep while driving, the DriveAlert device was invented. Outwardly, it’s completely similar to a conventional Bluetooth headset, and clings to the auricle. The principle of its operation is extremely simple. As a result of a strong tilt of the head, the device begins to squeak, which completely discourages the driver from wanting to fall asleep.

Anti-Sleep Device

Car seat cover with massage function

This gadget will appeal to those car owners who spend a lot of time driving each day. Many people are familiar with this feeling when, after a long sitting position, the legs begin to numb or the back muscles ache.

In order to save the driver from such torment, there are massage car covers on the gadget market. Depending on the model and manufacturer, each such gadget is endowed with a different number of functions. So, the most advanced models produce not only massage of the lower back and back, but also massage the muscles of the neck. The power source for such devices is a car cigarette lighter.

Automatic parking

This gadget will be an indispensable device for novice drivers. Everyone knows the situation when, on a weekday it takes a lot of time to search for a parking place, and if there’s one, it’s so small that many don’t dare to park.

It’s for these situations that Valeo launched the Park4U. It works fully automatically and doesn’t require driver intervention. The device itself calculates the dimensions of the available parking space, comparing them with the dimensions of the car, and parks by turning the steering wheel.

Automatic parking

The screen against the blind spots

In order to avoid accidents when the driver didn’t see the car overtaking him due to the size of his vehicle, some new cars are equipped with a Full-Rear-View Windscreen Monitor system. A display is installed on the car’s windshield, which displays a picture from cameras that are located on the car body.

Key finder

This device is designed to save the car owner from the fear of losing keys. Often there are situations when in the morning, after a hard day’s work, the driver can’t find the keys. In order to help do this, use a special keychain that respond to loud sound. Today, there’s a more modern version, a keychain communicator that can remotely start a car, open door and trunk locks.

Key finder

Night vision system

Night Vision is a device that makes it easier to control the car in the dark. The image from the camera mounted on the body is projected onto the screen of the on-board computer or tablet. Driving with such a gadget completely excludes the possibility of not noticing a cyclist or pedestrian walking along the side of the road. There are several manufacturers of automotive night vision systems on the market, for example, Autoliv.

Night vision system

Tire pressure sensor

Incorrectly pumped tires can lead to various problems, including a sudden puncture of a wheel. To prevent such troubles, you should check the tire pressure level from time to time. Engineers decided to make life easier for drivers and developed a device that allows you to measure the level of pressure directly from your smartphone.

It consists of four wireless sensors that are mounted on tires, and a special receiver unit. This unit collects information from sensors and notifies you with a signal if the tire pressure is lowered. You can also connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Thus, you can check the condition of the tires, and if necessary, pump them up.

The number of auto gadgets today is very large and we talked only about a small part of it. Some of the devices are able to prevent accidents, and others serve as electronic assistants to make the life of drivers easier.

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