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Furniture Removal Tips for Your Summer Clean Up


Finally, summer is knocking at your door. You can probably hardly wait to spend as much time as possible outside. Spend a day at the beach, at a lake, or in your garden at the pool. Who’d consider a summer clean-up? Exactly, you do. There will be rainy days and you’ll need something to do. Is your garden even ready for long nights under the starlit sky? So,  start your summer clean-up now and visit this page to arrange furniture removal for all the stuff you don’t want anymore.

Cleanups Can Be Daunting…

They don’t have to. When you take a look around in your home and your garden you might feel overwhelmed at first. Furthermore,  there’s probably a lot of stuff that’s been staring at you for a while. Also, clutter and furniture you either don’t want to see anymore or are in urgent need of a replacement.

The key to successful furniture removals and decluttering endeavors is to have a plan. Get yourself organized and make a list of all the items that have to go. It doesn’t matter at first whether it’s a structured list or not, you can take care of it in the next step. It’s just to help you to get a better overview. Therefore, take a good look into each room of your home. Put everything onto that list that needs to go. Finally, don’t forget to check your attic, basement, and garage. Since it’s getting summer, check your garden for furniture that doesn’t look nice anymore.

At next, categorize your items you let go of. Make a list of rooms or areas and give items a color code for what happens next to them. Remember, categorize them into for sale, to give away, and to throw away.

Take Care Of The First Category

That one would cover all items that are in an auspicious condition, perfect to sell. You could easily make a few bucks on the side by selling furniture removal. Furthermore, to sell your furniture you have several options. So, don’t forget to offer your furniture to friends and family before you put it up for sale.

Have A Garage Sale

Garage sales are perfect to just sell any unwanted items. It wouldn’t only have to cover unwanted furniture, but also all sorts of clutter you’d like to free yourself of. Also, there’s probably quite some clutter hidden in your old furniture anyway. You could make the garage sale a little more interesting by offering homemade lemonade and cookies. So, don’t forget to advertise for it about a week or even a fortnight prior in your neighborhood. Put up posters and advertise your garage sale on social media and selling platforms. To make the garage sale a complete success, it’s best to arrange it for the first Saturday of the month. People just received their paychecks and are happier to spend.

The only downside of the garage sale is that you’ll have to haul all the furniture outside. You may not be able to sell all of them and would be stuck with them. You’d have to bring them inside again or into your garage.

Offer Your Furniture Online

To avoid having to haul furniture back inside after a garage sale, put it up for sale online. Take advantage of buy and sell groups on social media or other platforms, such as craigslist. Make the furniture removal a breeze and put in a note for the buyer that he’d have to pick it up. Add some pictures and measurements and wait for a buyer to bite.

Give your furniture to people in need

You probably won’t be able to sell all your items for furniture removal. Truth be told, you may not even get the amount of money you desire. Most likely, there are a couple of items that are in good condition, but not particularly sellable anyway. Why not give your old furniture to charities and non-profit organizations?

Offer Your Furniture At A School And Shelters

Before you hunker down the many nationwide charities that gladly take your furniture, you could offer it to a school and shelters in your area first. Homeless shelters and women’s shelters can always do with some furniture. A furniture bank would be another option. It works similarly to a food bank and gives furniture directly to people in need.

A Donation To A Charity

The Goodwill, Salvation Army, AMVETS, Habitat for Humanity, and Vietnam Veterans are all good places to donate your furniture. They’d sell your old furniture at their thrift stores to generate funds to cover expenses for their charitable programs. Depending on where you’re located, they may even come around for free furniture removal.

Let The Pros Handle The Furniture Removal

The easiest way to sort your summer clean-up would be to contact the professionals. You only have to give them a call and point out which items you want them to remove. Also, it only takes a call and they’d be around even on the same day.

Summer is actually the best time for a cleanup. Most people do it in spring or autumn which results in you ending up on a waiting list to have all unwanted items removed.Furthermore, while there is a small fee to pay a professional furniture removal, you can lower the fee by selling and donating. So, the less you have for them to pick up, the lower your fee will be. Furthermore, you’re benefiting from the following conveniences:

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