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The Fundamentals Of Link Building In 2022


Link building is not a dying art. It’s probably still as relevant today as it was when Google first burst on the scene and usurped Yahoo and the other search engines back then. However, the process of link building has transformed over the years. Today, there’s also a significant focus on quality over quantity.

So how do you focus on link-building in 2022? First, a disclaimer – Link building is not an overnight process, and to get quality links, you have to work much harder than you had to, say, a decade ago. But with the right quality links, your business could get a massive boost.

Create quality content. Period!

There’s no better foundation to have, with link building, than with relevant content and of high quality. This doesn’t just mean the information you provide is useful, but the presentation of your blog and the quality of English too makes a difference.

Your blog has to look and feel professional and yes, dish out quality content. Remember this, people who want quality content will search for it on Google, so you have to be on top of your game. Find quality content, create better content. We’ll tell you what to do with that content further on in this article.

Make lots of (blogger) friends.

Find people with similar content interests to you, or even people within your sphere who you could benefit from and vice versa. Become ‘content friends’ with them and start involving other ‘friends’ in this process as well. Once everyone knows each other’s content priorities, they will advise and also help create better content.

If done correctly, you’ll be piggybacking off each other’s authority and getting high ranking links as well, which is the entire aim of proper blogger outreach service. Getting influencers in your business sphere to also blog about you does undoubtedly help. Make sure none of what you’re doing ends up being spam or breaking any of Google’s rules though.

Unbreak links

Your site, and almost everyone else’s will have broken links. Ensure that you regularly check for broken links and repurpose them. Find broken links on other websites and offer to create quality content around them. This is a valuable source for backlinks that involves a lot of effort, but that hard work will pay off.

What will also be an advantage for you is the fact that you’re reaching out to bloggers and brands and offering to create better quality content than they already have.

Find your mentions

If you’re running a big business, chances are people are talking about you online without you even knowing. Try to find those mentions, reach out to people and perhaps turn those mentions into links. Chances are the audience per blog may not be as large as you usually expect, but with a lot of links, you’ll still get the desired result.

Enter discussion forums

There are an ample amount of quality discussion forums out there that can become fertile ground for link building. Remember this, though, make your content relative and relevant. This means you need to edit your content to be specific; don’t just copy and paste straight off your blog. Be original!

To become a good link builder, you need to do a lot of things – master writing good content, sell yourself well and also marketing your brand well enough to bring people to your site.

Using the skyscraper technique to find high authority pages is a great weapon to have in your arsenal, but you also need to have different strategies to get the job done. Using some of the suggestions here will definitely help your brand grow, and your authority increase.

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