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20 Frequent Mistakes In Student Essay Writing


Want to learn how to write error-free essays that will be evaluated high? It’s better to learn on someone’s mistakes not to repeat them in your essay writing.

Here are the most common mistakes students make when completing school and college essays. Check what they are and try to avoid making the same errors in your essay paper. If you want to be sure that you submit an error-free essay, go to and ask for professional help.

#1 The Use of Wrong Words

Sometimes, students want to sound smarter and use words, which meaning they don’t even understand to the full extent. Some misuse words, which are written in a similar way by chance. There are words, which differ in one letter only but they have completely different meanings.

#2 Inaccurate Punctuation

Are you among those students who think that missing a comma can’t be considered a rude mistake? You are wrong. Sometimes, the meaning of the whole sentence can change if to place a comma in the wrong place. So, check the rules on where to put a comma in a sentence to avoid misunderstandings.

#3 Making Essays Too Emotional

Some students include too many lyrics in their essays. First of all, you need to choose the appropriate writing style depending on the type of essay. Even if you are writing an essay about yourself or a descriptive essay, don’t make them too emotional.

#4 Omitting Words

If you reread your essay before submitting it, you’ll avoid this mistake. Students often omit words from quotations and, as a result, the main sentence idea is incomplete.

#5 The Wrong Structure of the Sentence

You should avoid complex sentence structures if you aren’t sure you can use them in the right way. Make sure that your sentences contain both a subject and a predicate.

#6 Too Long Introductions

The most common mistake students make is when they write too long openings, including unnecessary information. You should write the beginning of an essay keeping in mind that it is the part where you introduce the topic. As for the details, they should be presented in the main body. This is why essay length is the main thing to care about since you need to express all your thoughts with limited words. While writing, you can check the characters in your essay with online character counter. This will also help you keep track of the characters and words you use in a text.

#7 Many General Words without Specifications

An essay should contain your thoughts on a certain topic. Don’t include information that is somehow connected with the topic. Be more specific. Teachers don’t evaluate high essays that contain too much water.

#8 A Lot of Facts

Sometimes, it’s impossible to write an essay without including facts. For certain topics, an interesting fact can be used as a hook in the introductory part. But don’t include too many facts in your essays. This refers to the results of some research, statistics, and other data.

#9 Writing Sentences, Which Are One Paragraph Long

Some students write sentences, which take one paragraph. As a result, they lose their thought somewhere in the middle of the sentence.

#10 Absence of Logical Connections

Make sure each part of your essay is connected with the next one. This refers to the sentences within one paragraph as well.

#11 Banal Phrases

No need to include the information that the reader knows. The most common mistake is the use of banal phrases with the aim to reach the word count.

#12 Copying Thoughts of Other Authors

Most students copy ideas from sample essays available on the Internet. The finished essay turns out to be not authentic.

#13 Writing a Sentence with a Double Negative

If you include double negative in a row, you’ll get a positive meaning of the sentence. Keep this in mind to express your thoughts correctly.

#14 Not Checking Sources for Credibility

Some students write essays in a hurry and use one or two sources from the Internet not checking the credibility of the source. As a result, an essay contains false facts.

#15 Not Giving the Answer to the Main Essay Question

Your task is to explain to the reader what the issue is and what solution is the most effective one. Don’t leave the reader with the questions.

#16 The Wrong Use of Pronouns

This especially refers to “I” and “me” pronouns. Check the rules of how to use pronouns the right way.

#17 The Incorrect Use of Grammar Tense

Also, check that you’ve chosen the right grammar tense to reflect your thoughts.

#18 Not Checking the Meaning of Specific Terms

To avoid such mistakes, you are recommended to use dictionaries to check the precise meaning of a term.

#19 Not Following Word Count Requirements

Writing 800 words instead of 500 or 300 instead of 500 isn’t a good idea. An essay is evaluated in accordance with all the requirements.

#20 Avoiding Editing and Proofreading

Most students miss the final step – editing and proofreading. They are a must to polish your essay. Use grammar and plagiarism checkers to make sure your paper is excellent.

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