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Why Does Your Phone Keep Dropping Calls and How Do You Fix the Problem?


You are in your car with your hands-free audio. You are making an important business call from a potential client overseas. Suddenly, while in the middle of the meeting, the line went dead. You tried calling again but you can’t get through. And you know, in these kinds of meetings, every second count. What to do when you are in a dead spot?

People take for granted the convenience that technology has afforded them. And you will only realize this when you are on the receiving end of life’s bad luck.

But if your phone keeps on dropping calls, the problem could be one of the following things:

  • No network signal — A vehicle cell phone booster would address this problem as it will pick up even the farthest tower. A dead zone occurs when there are no cellular towers around. But it could also be the topographical characteristics of the area. If you are driving across a valley, mountain range, or through thick forest, getting a decent signal would be a problem.

The same goes if you find yourself in a basement parking garage or a long tunnel. A vehicle cell phone booster ensures that your calls would not be dropped even in these conditions.

  1. Construction material — Generally, if you enter a building with thick walls made from concrete, brick, or steel, the network signal gets cut off. You can still make calls or send texts inside your hotel because the establishment has its own cell phone signal booster. Unfortunately, some buildings do not have one. The only way to resolve this is to go to the lobby where there is less interference or go outside to make your call.
  2. Device issues — Now, even if you are in an open area where the network signal is strong and you still keep dropping calls, then the problem is with your device or your SIM card. You can look at your colleague’s phone and see the signal strength. Another way is to borrow a phone and insert your SIM to see if the card still works. Then, you can isolate the problem and find a solution. You can decide whether it is more cost-effective to repair your phone or replace it with a new one.
  3. Network gridlock — Another potential problem is the skyrocketing demand. If you are taking a call during working hours, the network might be working very hard to accommodate and service all calls. You might notice this one on New Year’s Eve perhaps when the system is overloaded with texts and calls from people trying to greet loved ones and friends. Either you cannot get through or your text messages are delayed.

According to Pew Research, 7 in 10 mobile phone users have reported experienced dropped calls occasionally. Meanwhile, 3 in 10 of those surveyed said that they experienced it multiple times a week. However, the study was conducted in 2012, and you have to take into account that there were fewer towers back then compared to today.

Nevertheless, if you are always on the road for business trips, a vehicle cell phone booster is worth the investment.

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