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[Fix] Files And Folders Hidden in USB Drive Due to Virus?


With the advent of the computer system, there has been the boom of various peripheral devices that have made of the life highly sophisticated and advanced. The USB drive is one such device that has altered the way we communicate and transfer the data. The USB drive is just a smaller version of the hard disk drive, made up of the vast network of the microchips that are capable of storing the data in the form of magnetically aligned particles in the circuit long with the combination of the Read and Write Head for interaction.

Files and Folders Hidden in USB Drive / Pen Drive Due to Virus:

The threatening programs try to defuse these magnetically aligned particles so as to erase the data. On the highest level, there are some viruses that are capable of erasing the main configuration of the USB drive so that the computer system is not able to detect the data stored in the drive. Sometimes, it shows as the hidden folder, or maybe as the system folders which are not visible even when the hidden folders are set to be visible. So, how can they be recovered?

Many people think of using the antivirus program as these are due to the virus activities and hence can easily corrected using the antivirus tool. This is a nice option but only for those who do not love their precious data saved on the USB drive. In other words, the virus files are integrated with the main data files present on the USB drive so powerfully that it does not get disinfect so easily without removing the whole file itself. Hence, it is important for the antivirus tool to remove all the data that contain viruses. For those who need to recover the data as it was before, this is not a good option. So, what other option is left? The only trick that will work here is magic.

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Fortunately, that magic is now revealed by the experts. It can be recovered using the command prompt tool, provided by the windows itself. For this, the person just needs to follow some of the simple steps as described.

Connect the USB Drive to the system. Make sure that your operating system detects the USB Drive that has the hidden files and folders. Do not let the antivirus detect it. Also, do not open it until the whole procedure is done.

Open the command prompt. This can be done by following the simple path of Start -> Run -> cmd. Or simply, press Win+R key combination on the keyboard. This will make directly open the run box. Now, type ‘cmd’ and hit enter. The command prompt will open.

The command prompt will be in the default folder which is mostly the user folder in the system drive. To change the pointer location, you need type ‘cd’ without quotes and hit Enter. Now arrive to your folder by pressing the tab key again and again and then hit enter on the required one. The command prompt will show the path of the folder in which the pointer lies.

The last trick is to type ‘attrib’ within quotes and type the folder name which you want to unhide without quotes and after space. Give a space and type ‘-h’ without quotes and hit enter. That’s it! Type ‘exit’ at the next prompt without quotes and exit the command prompt.

Now, your folder is visible and you can open the UBS drive to access it. Once, the data is retrieved, you must get it scanned by the apt antivirus tool so as to remove the virus and prevent the further hiding of the folder in it.

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