Amazon Music Not Working: How To Fix 11 Common Issues

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Hey, Having Trouble with Amazon Music? Let’s Fix That!

I totally get how frustrating it can be when you’re all set to chill with your favorite songs, and bam! Amazon Music just isn’t cooperating. But no sweat – I’m here to help you out!

We’ve all been there, right? You’re in the mood for some music, you hit play, and… nothing happens. Ugh, so annoying! But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I’ve put together a super helpful guide to tackle the most common problems you might face while using Amazon Music.

Ready to get your tunes rolling again? Let’s jump in and sort this out together!

The 11 Most Common Issues That Stop Amazon Music From Working

It’s a real bummer when you can’t jam out to your favorite tunes on Amazon Music, especially when you’re paying for it every month. But don’t worry! I’m here to guide you through fixing the 11 most common issues that might be messing with your music experience.

From crashing apps to weird charges and even songs skipping like a naughty CD, I’ve got solutions for you!

In each part of this guide, you’ll find a special link that takes you to a more detailed article on fixing each specific problem.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get your music back on track!

#1 Crashing Issues

Crashing is a big headache for Amazon Music users. This annoyance could be due to techie stuff like coding errors, network problems, or just a temporary glitch.

Sounds scary, but it’s usually a quick fix. Try closing the app completely and opening it again. If you’re using Wi-Fi, give your modem and router a quick restart to freshen up the connection. For mobile data users, make sure your data is on when you’re out of Wi-Fi range.

App updates are your friend here, as they often fix these crashy bugs. For Android users, clearing the cache is a breeze: just head to the app settings, tap “Storage,” and hit “Clear Cache.” iPhone buddies, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the app to kick out those cache gremlins.

Don’t miss our full guide on stopping Amazon Music from crashing for more in-depth help!

#2 Volume Problems

If Amazon Music is acting like a shy singer and not belting out tunes loudly enough, start by closing and reopening the app. This simple step can shoo away those pesky bugs and reload everything fresh.

Using Bluetooth? Make sure both the device and speaker volumes are up high. If that’s all good, try turning Bluetooth off and on again to refresh the connection.

Got sticky or broken volume buttons on your phone? Give them a clean, or turn off their control over the volume.

For all the nitty-gritty details on fixing low volume in Amazon Music, check out our comprehensive guide.

#3 Download Issues

Nothing’s worse than not being able to download your favorite songs for those long trips with no Wi-Fi. First, check if your device has enough storage. Clear out apps you don’t use, duplicate photos, and old texts to make room.

Remember, you can only download songs using Amazon Music’s desktop or mobile app, not the web version.

If you’re still having trouble, clearing the app’s cache and updating it can help. Follow the image steps below to do it.

For more help, take a look at our detailed guide on fixing download issues in Amazon Music.

#4 Song Skipping

Ever had your tunes skip like a rock on water while using Bluetooth speakers or earphones? Keep your devices close, like best friends! They should be within 33 feet (10 meters) of each other. If they’re too far apart, they might play a game of “now you hear it, now you don’t,” causing song skipping.

Quick tip: Restart your device and make sure Amazon Music is up to date. And if it’s only a few songs acting up, try removing them from your library and adding them back. Sometimes songs catch a bit of a digital cold (aka corrupted data) which causes skipping.

For more detailed steps on stopping songs from skipping in Amazon Music, check out our full guide.

#5 Can’t Add Songs

Struggling to add songs to your playlist? It might be your internet connection throwing a tantrum. Simple fix: Unplug your modem and router, count to 30 (no cheating!), and plug them back in.

If your Wi-Fi is crowded like a busy coffee shop, try disconnecting some devices or switch to cellular data. Also, peek at to see if Amazon Music itself is having a bad day. If all’s good but you’re still stuck, try reinstalling the app to kick out those troublesome files.

Need more help? Our guide on adding songs to playlists in Amazon Music has got you covered.

#6 Shuffling Issues

Amazon Music playing the same songs on repeat? Make sure “loop mode” isn’t on by tapping the loop icon in the media player until it turns white. If your new songs aren’t syncing, Amazon Music might get stuck on repeat like a broken record.

To fix this, head to the app’s Settings and hit “Refresh My Music” or “Reload Library.”

For more solutions, dive into our guide on fixing Amazon Music’s shuffling issues.

#7 Song Pausing or Stopping

Songs pausing on their own? It’s likely your internet connection playing hide and seek. Restart your modem and router, and keep them away from things like microwaves that might be jealous of your Wi-Fi.

If the internet’s not the issue, try restarting Amazon Music and clearing its cache to sweep away any digital dust bunnies.

Using Bluetooth? Stay within 33 feet to keep the music flowing. Sometimes, just turning Bluetooth off and back on can do the trick.

Need more tips? Our guide on stopping Amazon Music from pausing or stopping songs is just what you need.

#8 Missing Music Controls on Lock Screen

Can’t skip or pause songs from your lock screen? It might be because Amazon Music’s notifications are off on your phone. No biggie! Just head to your phone’s Settings, find the Notifications menu, and let Amazon Music say “hello” with notifications.

Also, if your phone’s in power-saving mode, it might be stopping notifications. Turn it off to keep things smooth. And remember, keeping your app and phone updated is like giving them a fresh start.

For all the steps on fixing missing music controls on the lock screen, our guide has got you covered.

#9 Playback Error

Getting a playback error can really spoil your music mood. This often happens if your internet is more of a slow dance than a quickstep. To fix this, check your internet speed. Ideally, you need about 25 Mbps for each person in your house. So, for a trio, you’d want at least 75 Mbps.

A quick reboot of your modem and router can also help. And for iPhone users, reinstalling the Amazon Music app might be the magic trick you need.

Dive into our guide for more tips on solving Amazon Music playback errors.

#10 Surprise Charges

Getting charged unexpectedly by Amazon Music? Here’s why: Maybe you forgot to cancel a free trial, or accidentally signed up for Amazon Music Unlimited. Set reminders to cancel trials on time, and if you’ve got an unwanted subscription, just hop into your Amazon Music Settings and hit “Cancel.”

And keep an eye on those redeemable cards. When they run out, Amazon might start using your other payment methods.

For more info on stopping surprise charges from Amazon Music, check out our detailed guide.

#11 Missing SD Card

If Amazon Music keeps saying it can’t find your SD card, try restarting the app and your device. Make sure everything’s up to date, or reinstall the app for a fresh start.

Check your SD card’s health and status. If you’re unsure, ask a pro at a tech store. They might even suggest getting a new one.

For more on fixing the “SD card not found” issue in Amazon Music, our specialized article has all the answers.


And that’s a wrap! I really hope this guide made tackling those pesky Amazon Music issues a piece of cake for you.

Remember, the secret sauce to fixing most tech problems, especially with Amazon Music, often involves refreshing your Internet and Bluetooth connections, giving the app a quick restart, or even reinstalling it. Keeping the app updated and cleaning out the cache can also work wonders.

Big thanks for sticking with me through this guide! If you ever bump into another tech hiccup, don’t forget to swing by our site. We’re loaded with tips and tricks for all sorts of tech troubles.

Happy listening, and here’s to uninterrupted music sessions!

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