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Five Smart Tech Devices For Seniors


If you have been nursing the idea of acquiring smart gadgets or home appliances for your parents and older family members, it would be wise to get stuff they can use and those that can make life easier for them in the long run.

Getting gadgets like gaming consoles is not entirely a bad idea especially if they fancy video games, you learn more at

This article will enlighten you on smart device choices that will guarantee senior safety and improve their quality of life.

Smart Home Hub

A smart home hub should be first on your list because it will serve as the primary device to get all other smart home devices to work on the same system.

Figuring out the various apps’ usage is usually a problem for most seniors, hence the importance of getting a smart home assistant.

You can link other smart tech devices back to the smart home hub, making it easier to initiate the voice control option on other devices you buy.

The voice control option would be more useful to seniors. For instance, it lets them turn a product on and off just by saying the word, instead of going through the long process of searching and identifying the right app on their phone and selecting the right option to make the change.

Ensure you carefully select your desired device an also check the compatibility options before purchase.

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Smart Home Sensors

Smart home sensors make it easier for seniors to live alone while enabling you to keep tabs on them and ensure their safety.

Smart home sensors are pre-equipped with a unique component that helps you monitor your senior’s movements and day to day activities. That way, if there is a sudden change in behavior probably caused by depression or other illnesses, you’ll know right away. The same component makes it easy to call for help if there is an emergency.

Smart Light

Most seniors can’t boast of 20/20 vision as their sight wanes with time. Poor vision could lead to a fall and cause a severe injury. 30% of seniors fall yearly, with 2.3 million of them ending up in the hospital due to the fall.

An excellent way to prevent or reduce the risk of a fall is to install smart lighting all through the house, controlled by a smart home hub with a voice command.

Smart Medication Dispensers

Smart medication dispensers are a necessity for seniors. Older people tend to have a hard time remembering things, and they could forget to take an essential drug at the right time or not take it at all. What’s worse, they may not remember to use the correct dosage and overdose on a drug, leading to serious health problems.

A smart medication dispenser would ensure your loved one gets the right amount of meds at the right time. Some will even alert you if they fail to take a drug at the appropriate time to remind them again.

Smart Stove Shutoff

Young people with perfect minds often forget to turn off the oven, now imagine how easy it will be for an older person with memory loss or partial dementia.

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Thus you should never underestimate the importance of a smart stove shut off device, especially if such a senior loves to cook.

Some stove shut off devices automatically turn off the oven if left on too long, some other devices will need you to set a timer.


These five smart tech devices are innovative technology. And surely, they will help your senior loved one stay safe and independent while they carry out their day-to-day activities.

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