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Five Games That Aged Well


Games come and go, physical or digital, making way for the next generation of entertainment. More active options are being laid on the table with VR tech and Wii – the latter’s “Wii Sports” sold 82.54 million units globally by 2017 – but some golden oldies have persevered. Below are but a few examples of types of gaming that have continued or gone on to grace the screens of PC, tablet and mobile alike.

Best HD Tomb Raider 2013 Game

#1 Tomb Raider

Here is one title worthy of recognition for the sheer timelessness it has demonstrated. From the original 1996 game to the latest “Rise of the Tomb Raider” – the 20th instalment in the franchise – the public has revered Lara Croft for a variety of reasons but mainly for her creators’ dedication to constantly improving the character, graphics and gameplay. Their audience is offered an experience to be remembered fondly while being quite confident that the follow-ups will be even better.

#2 Pac-Man

First released in 1980, this little yellow fellow has munched its way to the hearts of arcade-lovers, maintaining its popularity throughout the decades. The World’s Biggest Pac-Man is a website where players can play or add to the existing 276,042 mazes created, while further proving the power of nostalgia for some good old-fashioned fun. Having said that, the constant enhancements to the touchscreen versions of the game has taken the basic Pac-Man experience to a whole new level.

#3 Pinball

Inspired by a 18th-century French game called Bagatelle, its geographical and technological journey to modernity is marked by various innovations, such as the mechanical Baffle Ball, developed in 1931 by David Gottlieb. Now, the more common form is that of the video game but pinball has enjoyed significant makeovers and upgrades of its own as virtual platforms continue to adapt to the demands of the contemporary gamer – effective control of the flippers, mesmerising displays and themes, and so on.

#4 Slots

In the same way, one of the casino scene’s trademark games has been transformed from mechanics – still existing and thriving – to its computerised self. For example, Mr Green’s Pearls of India game came to be thanks to the five spinning drums that, in the late 1800s, Sittman and Pitt decided their poker-themed slot machine would consist of. The free spins listed on websites like Oddschecker have kept slots relevant even to people who don’t like to gamble with money.

Drummania And Guitar Freaks

#5 Guitar Freaks

Music buff or not, this title will ring a bell to everyone familiar with video gaming. As the 1998 arcade archetype of Guitar Hero, it paved the way for rocking-out in your living room and without the need of actual strings. While console guitars are still in fashion, the touchscreen version of the game is gaining a fandom as a cool on-the-go pastime, as well as a reminder of the awesomeness some people could aspire to if they ever chose to change career path.

Retro gaming is hardly a new interest. Revisiting old beloved video games is not much different to staring at a picture and reminiscing about the moment it was taken. And what about seeing this and other moving photos in an excellent slideshow? It is just as thrilling to find that game spruced up and reinvented, but also that someone shares or at least acknowledge your admiration so much that they made the effort of lifting a relic of past joys into the light of the 21st century.

Here is a peculiar thought: which has more lives now, a cat or a game?

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