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10 Features That Define The Best Home Security System In 2021


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that not all home security systems are created equal. Some have a minimum of features and are suitable for those who live alone and do not have anything particularly valuable to worry about. Others will be suitable for those who have a house full of kids or keep lots of high-priced equipment or valuable items.

This is not to say that those who live alone or own very little do not deserve or need protection. It is that the monitoring systems for them can be minimalistic and still work very efficiently. And to the contrary, a moderately priced but smartly designed security system can be OK to keep burglars away from the priciest of collections or from your precious ones.

It is that first, you have to decide what exactly you want to get and what features are not essential, and proceed from this point. Let’s explore the 10 most popular features of a good home security system and see what’s on the menu.

#1 Video/smart doorbell or lock

Security starts at the door, so a protected lock is a good idea. Smart locks have several important functions: they inform that someone enters the house (authorized or unauthorized), that someone is tampering with the lock, or that someone has been hanging around your door. Such locks are fitted with cameras and mikes, in addition to control boards, so you can talk to people who approach your door through the smartphone app even when you are away. Or you can even program the device to unlock at certain hours and let your kids in after school.

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#2 Indoor/outdoor CCTV camera

That’s the first thing that comes to mind, and it’s an obligatory part of every security system, complex or not. Good cameras help you track everything that happens on your property, can record anything that looks suspicious, and can alert you to any event that looks suspicious.

#3 Motion sensor

A motion sensor is a companion to cameras in the task of detecting anything troublesome on the premises. Motion occurring in places or at the time it’s not supposed to trigger alarms and lets you and everyone around know that something is very wrong.

#4 Floodlights

Floodlights are a convenient feature and a deterrent. Floodlights go off if any motion is detected on the premises during nighttime. They provide enough light for cameras to capture anything or anyone wandering around and scare away intruders very successfully.

#5 Sound alarm

This part of a security system is one of the oldest, and it lets everyone in the neighborhood know that something unusual happens in the house. If you have the integrated remote control and monitoring features, the same alarm can go off on your smartphone, thus pushing you to act.

#6 Door and window sensors

These sensors specifically monitor the safety of entrances to a house, and should a door or a window be broken, the sensors set the alarms and send you a signal.

#7 Smoke/fire alarm

It is a very useful feature no matter if you have other security system elements. The sensors catch the faintest signs of smoke or fire and set off the alarm, thus letting you know about the danger. Whether they send a signal to a remote board call center or board operator or to your smartphone depends on the settings.

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#8 Flood sensor

If there’s a leak in your plumbing or the rain fills your basement, flood sensors will keep an eye on the situation.

#9 CO detector

Carbon dioxide is a dangerous gas that can literally kill. That’s why installing sensors that can detect its concentration while it’s still low is always a good idea.

#10 Smart home integration

Integrating all sensors and detectors into a single system is a good way to have a comprehensive picture of what happens on your premise.

As you see, security systems can be very extensive. If you need help in choosing and installing the one, go to and get efficient help and a wide selection of systems to pick from. With Matrix assistance, you and your home will be safe and sound.

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