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10 Fascinating SEO Statistics That Are Important To Know


More so than ever before, search engine optimization strategies are imperative to have a high ranking and highly visible website. While this is a fact that many have heard, but perhaps do not understand, there are other facts that are important to know about SEO in order to build your website to be as searchable as possible.

SEO Statistics To Know

This article will provide some fascinating SEO statistics and highlight just how important this strategy is when having a website. If you find that you are too busy with other business tasks or you would prefer to hire the best to help with this aspect of your business, be sure to check out the professionals at Las Vegas SEO for more information.

#1 Updating and republishing an old blog post.

Updating and republishing an old blog post with new content and recent imagines can greatly increase your organic traffic. Organic traffic is considered to be a visitor that came to your site based on doing a search in Google or Bing. Non-organic traffic is considered to be any visitor that came to your website due to a paid ad or banner.

#2 Google is king.

Did you know that Google provides over 75% of desktop search traffic worldwide? There is no other search engine that gets close. Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu all offer under 10% of your website traffic. To learn more, be sure to check out Net Market Share statistics.

#3 Use Facebook.

Using Facebook For SEO

Everyone is doing it! While Google provides a dominant amount of traffic to websites from a searching standpoint, Facebook offers over 60% of website traffic that is created by visits to social media channels. If your company is lacking in the social media presence, be sure to bolster your efforts on Facebook to reap great benefits.

#4 Videos are important.

If you are marketing online, you will want to be sure to have some videos on your website or somewhere else on the interwebs. Cisco predicts that by the end of the decade, videos will provide much of the internet traffic in the next few years.

#5 Longer content is better.

While most people will click off of a website if it is inundated with words and lacks enticing imagery, a report conducted by Backlinko in 2016 reports that longer content actually provides a page a higher rank. Further, the average Google first page search offers articles with over 1500 words.

#6 Single images are better than a bunch.

The same study conducted by Backlinko in 2016 also reports that using a single image in an article or blog post can help your rankings. Too many pictures can decrease your ranking. Just be sure to tag your pictures appropriately.

#7 Being highly ranked on Google is critical to your success.

Fascinating SEO Statistics That Are Important To Know

Many consumers will visit a store a day after they have searched for a product on their smartphone. Further, some may make the purchase online right then and there so it is important to be able to offer a streamlined, quick, and easy checkout process.

#8 Include your location and address on your webpage.

Did you know that more than half of the people who search for a business like yours will want to know where you are located, your hours, and information about your company. It is a good idea to provide a Google map along with your address, phone number, contact information, and business hours on our webpage.

#9 Get directions or click to call buttons can land a new customer.

By having the functionality on your website to provide directions to your business or allow a consumer to click on a button to call you right away, your chances of landing a new customer are very high. In fact, over 60% of consumers who see the option tabs will use them.

#10 Paid ads are typically ignored.

If you have been spending your marketing dollars on paid ads or website banners, chances are high that consumers are ignoring your marketing attempts. The best plan of action is to invest time and effort into creating organic visits to your site through blog posts, articles, or outreach campaigns.

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