8 Facts About Instagram That’ll Surprise You

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facts about instagram that will surprise you

You may use the platform every day, but do you know how to capitalize on opportunities on Instagram? Do you know what makes this platform so popular amongst users?

Here are eight surprising facts about Instagram that you may not have known. Read on to learn more.

Instagram Is a Decade Old

This social media platform has evolved a lot since its early days of operation in 2010. Even the logo was a much clunkier and dull version of what it is now.

Looking to the future, Instagram will continue to grow and develop the Instagram software to adapt to the times.

India Leads on Instagram

Operating as a global social media platform, Instagram is most popular outside the United States. India takes the lead with 180 million Instagram users. The United States follows closely behind at 170 million users on the platform.

A Billion Monthly Users

If you look over at anyone’s phone, they’re probably on some kind of social media platform. More than likely, they’re on Instagram.

This social media platform draws in 1 billion monthly active users. If you’re looking to expand your business, this is the platform to get on.

Stats Matter

While Instagram has given users the option to “remove” likes from a post, Instagram users do their due diligence. They look to other Instagram engagement metrics to measure how credible an account is.

One of these metrics is follower count. If your follower count is low and you’ve removed the number of likes from your posts, you don’t come off as credible in any light. This is a shallow fact, but this is also social media.

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Cover your bases and get likes on Instagram.

Facebook Owns Instagram

You may think that Instagram and Facebook are two different and competing platforms. They are different but, they’re not competing.

In 2012, Facebook acquired the Instagram platform for $1 billion. Facebook owns Instagram.

The next time you’re using Instagram, notice the “by Meta” on the loading screen while the app is opening. If you didn’t know, Meta is Facebook’s new name.

Instagram Wants New Content

While Facebook and Instagram are not competing platforms, Instagram and TikTok are.

Though Instagram still takes the lead on monthly active users in the United States compared to TikTok, it does not want to see TikTok content on the platform. Don’t repost watermarked TikTok posts on your Instagram stories, posts, or reels.

Instagram wants new, high-quality content. As a result, its algorithm will downrank your post if it finds a TikTok watermark.

Hashtags Work

Instagram allows up to thirty hashtags per post and ten hashtags on stories.

Later, a social media scheduling tool, found that using thirty hashtags per post results in the most engagement in likes and comments.

A cool tip you may not have known is that you can hide your hashtags in your comments. This helps you avoid a spammy look on your post.

Explore Page Is Gold

When Instagram’s algorithm chooses your post on someone’s explore page, your post is likely to go viral. For content creators, this is something that actually sticks after having thrown a bunch at the wall.

The best way to get on the explore page is to offer high-quality content, value, and great storytelling to capture the user’s attention.

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Learn More Facts About Instagram

Did you know any of these facts about Instagram? Let us know your thoughts.

For more tips on how to use Instagram to achieve your business goals, check out more from our blog! We help the average non-tech-minded person navigate Instagram technology and tech, in general, to make life easier.

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