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5 Factors that Influence the Price of 3D Furniture Modeling Services


If they want to get speedy results while avoiding large costs, the most selective manufacturers and marketers turn to 3d furniture modeling services. Through a good digital marketing plan, these services allow you to swiftly generate money and attract consumers.

Consider the following scenario: your furniture manufacturing firm should have published a new line of furniture a long time ago, but you don’t have time for a professional picture shoot. Furthermore, you must construct one prototype for each item of furniture in order to produce these images. This will also result in additional costs.

Knowing all this, you frantically try to come up with some alternative method, and then you remember about 3D visualization. But how do you find a good provider that does it all at a reasonable cost?

Our 3d interior design company has prepared this article for you, in which you will find out which five key elements you should pay attention to so that the cost of 3D visualization services is not sky-high.

#1 3D models’ complexity

The complexity of the job, meaning the amount of polygons, which covers the categories of high-poly, medium-poly, and low-poly regions, is one of the most essential elements for setting a pricing for 3D visualization. If you need to make elements of an online or flash video game, then low poly modeling is for you. It is subject to fast real-time rendering and its cost is the lowest in comparison with the rest.

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Models created using medium poly regions are more expensive, but their detailed level is an order of magnitude better than low poly models.

High-poly models are the most costly type. Objects and objects with this sort of modeling have the highest resolution and the most lifelike detail.

#2 Background type

How difficult the 3D scene will be also affects how much 3D modeling will cost in general. The lightest and therefore simplest option is a regular white background. Most often, customers order it exactly. Any decorative elements or three-dimensional scene will add several dollars to the cost of the project. But if you dream of placing your subject in a real lifestyle, then it will cost more than all other backgrounds, because there will be many details that can be viewed and enlarged.

#3 Number of corners

Basically, companies build their prices based on one model in one form. Subsequent additional angles will require additional work with changing the lighting, adjusting the camera and adding new rounds of rendering. On top of that, most artists charge on an hourly basis, which means the more views you need, the more expensive it will eventually come out.

#4 Relevance of the project

When you require certain deadlines, especially if they are tight, then this will increase the cost of the project. Since such work is considered urgent and, often, overtime for artists, then this will require additional fees.

#5 Number and size of fixes

Another key component that influences the cost of 3D furniture modeling is improvements and repairs. Everything is interconnected here: the more edits you make and the more serious they are, the more expensive your project will become in the end.

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The 3D furniture modeling service is highly useful for rapidly and simply making gorgeous product photos. Manufacturers do not need to plan picture sessions or create product prototypes. All you have to worry about is locating high-quality services at a fair cost. To do so, we’ve put up a list of elements that influence the price of 3D modeling services. Knowing them will enable you to compare providers and estimate prices in advance, saving you money.

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