Experts Share Insights of Unique/Exclusive Benefits of Working in Tech

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experts share insights of unique and exclusive benefits of working in tech

The tech industry has been vastly progressing and expanding over the years. There is no doubt that the tech industry is the most in-demand and fastest-growing industry today. Due to this, there is a great need for tech professionals to create and execute effective technical processes. Today, there are many open positions in the tech industry. Not only does working in tech mean earning decent pay, but it can contribute to the career development of tech professionals.

You’ve probably heard a variety of things(both good and bad) about what it’s like working in tech, but you can’t take everything you hear as the truth about the tech industry as a whole. We want you to know what it’s like to work in tech so you can take this information and weigh the good versus the bad for yourself. We spoke with tech experts who are dishing out details about the unique and exclusive benefits of working in the tech industry. Take their perspectives into account before you dismiss the tech industry. We think you will be surprised at these positive insights into tech.

Jeremy Kushner | CEO | BACS Consulting Group, Inc.

As an IT managed services provider located in the heart of Silicon Valley in California, we go head-to-head every day with the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Cisco when recruiting technology talent. Although we generally are not able to compete when it comes to overall remuneration and benefits (even though we offer a competitive overall package), we do attract the type of enthusiastic individuals that are looking for a more rounded, ongoing education, in real-time.

In a large organization, technology employees will generally see themselves saddled with a fairly narrow set of core job responsibilities and limited opportunities to expand skillsets outside of their day-to-day tasks. Frankly, the growth and development opportunities can be substantially stymied. In contrast, we can confidently assure our employees, due to the constant technology churn, that the learning will never end. It is a rare day that we hear feedback from an employee that they are bored by the lack of variety or opportunity to tackle something new or different. It is just a standard expectation that something new will always arise.

To be honest, in a field that in some ways seems to have matured quite a lot over the past 25 years, in many ways it is still as new and fresh as it ever was due to the recent demands for security specializations in the IT space. The requirements here, although a discrete specialization at a larger company, are integral and required for what our support employees do every day. They truly can feel confident that they are building a toolset that will continue to make them more and more valuable moving into the future.

Finally, and, unfortunately, we do recognize that a portion of our employees will not stay with us forever. We are in a competitive space where personal and career needs evolve. However, when we look at our graduated pool of “alumni” employees, we are very proud to have assisted in building out their valuable toolboxes. Many have moved into technology management or even struck out on their own, seeing that the need is there and that they have developed the talent to take on something different.

Nick Martin | Director of Managed Services | Mainstreet IT Solutions

Hiring in a high-skilled, high-wage job like IT without a degree is starting to become more prevalent within the technology sector. Most fields today require a degree, whether an Associate’s or bachelor’s. Yet, there is growing support for hiring IT personnel out of high school to do on-the-job training rather than conforming to traditional schooling that teaches everyone to think the same way. As the IT field continues to broaden, we are hearing of companies hiring without degrees simply because universities cannot keep up with the growing and ever-changing field. I would say that this isn’t an exclusive benefit to technology, but I would say that the field offers the best wages and skillsets without a degree in the world today.

Anthony Buonaspina, BSEE, BSCS, CPACC | CEO and Founder | LI Tech Advisors

At LI Tech Advisors, we offer our employees unique opportunities that our focus on being a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the tech industry allows for. We offer the standard industry perks that most companies offer. For example, paid time off, retirement matching, healthcare reimbursement, companywide profit sharing through quarterly bonuses that all employees benefit from, ample opportunity for training on new technologies, team building events, and more. In the technology industry, we have the unique ability to offer more employees the option of working remotely.

For example, we have employees whose job description allows them the benefit of working remotely. These employees have since moved out of New York State and are taking advantage of a zero percent state income tax rate for the states they moved to. This is equivalent to a 6 to 7 percent raise for them. We can also better accommodate an employee’s family needs with flexible work schedules, allowing for a healthier work-life balance. Another perk is that working in the technology industry is that there are always opportunities to learn and focus on new technology which is continuously evolving. This makes the work very interesting and challenging at times, but also very rewarding.

Ilan Sredni | CEO & President | Palindrome Consulting, Inc. – “Delivering Peace of Mind”

There are two major perks that I see when I’m working in the technology field. The first is the ability to stay ahead of the common workplace in regard to security trends and security threats. The information that flows in regards to these two topics, runs through the IT field primarily way before it hits the common workplace.

Secondarily, the ability to continue learning new technologies is key in the technology field. With an open mind in an eager soul, one can learn so many new things that would otherwise not be acceptable in the common workplace.

Working in Tech Goes Beyond What You Can See

There’s so much more to working in tech than what is portrayed in the media. Now that you have a deeper insight into what it’s like working in tech, are you thinking about the tech industry a little differently?

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