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Expert Placement Tips for Your New Home Security System


According to data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2018 just 34 percent of property crimes are reported to the authorities. And when it comes to reported property crimes in America, just 18 percent of those crimes are solved. Don’t become a statistic. A home security camera system can make criminals think twice about targeting your home. Use these savvy tips when placing your system — you’ll be glad you did.

Apartments and Condos

In 2019, The New York Times reported that more than 90,000 packages go missing each day in New York City alone. More packages are delivered to the Big Apple than anywhere else in the country; however, package theft rates are increasing in places such as Denver and Washington.

Package theft is considered a larceny crime, and there’s no doubt that it’s on the rise. Apartments and condos are prime targets, too. Without proper security measures, doormen or residents in the buildings during daytime hours, these spaces become crime hotspots for package thieves.

Many apartment and condo dwellers are taking security measures into their own hands by installing security camera systems. If security is a concern, experts advise placing a security camera at your door. Mount the camera above the door frame and position it at a downward angle, CNET suggests. This way you have coverage of the area right outside of your apartment or condo door.

Be sure to go over your rental agreement or talk to your landlord prior to installing any type of security system in your apartment. In consideration of resident privacy, your lease might prohibit the use of cameras throughout common areas.

Residential and Suburban Neighborhoods

According to data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the front and back doors and first floor windows are the most common entry points. Although thieves and burglars are bold, a multi-camera security system can keep your home safe and protected from would-be criminals. Today’s home security camera systems are more advanced than ever before and offer features like night vision, 4K Ultra high-definition picture and advanced motion detection.

But having the best features doesn’t mean that these systems are difficult to install. In fact, some systems only require a single ethernet cable.

Security experts cite that obvious placement is generally the best approach, as security cameras that can be seen work as a crime deterrent. When placing your security cameras around your home position the cameras high, keep them under shelter and choose areas that are obstruction free to maximize the field of view. And remember to cover your doors and first floor windows, the most common access points for criminals.

Rural Properties

Securing rural properties poses many challenges and concerns. These properties are commonly at risk for trespass, vandalism and theft. Even activities on property that can lead to accident liability is a top concern. Those who live in rural areas can find peace of mind by installing a security monitoring system. Unlike apartments, condos and suburban homes in residential areas, rural properties require a more comprehensive approach when it comes to security.

In addition to employing standard security improvements such as lighting, gates and fencing, security camera systems can provide an added layer of protection.

Both property and building entrances are the first two places to start. Security cameras in these two locations can not only divert lawbreakers, but may provide valuable footage of vehicles or faces if an event were to occur on your property.

Wherever you live, whether it’s the big city or a small town, home security should be a top priority. Don’t become just another statistic. Protect your home and the things that are most important to you with these savvy security camera installation tips.

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