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4 Excellent PDF Editing Tools of PDFBear


PDFs are widely used for distributing documents over the internet. Not only that, but it also ensures that your documents remain error-free as they are transferred across other devices or users. PDFs are image files of manuscripts that are distinct from editable formats such as word documents and spreadsheets, which are also known as PDFs.

On the internet, you can get PDF editing tools, or you can download software that includes these features. This application assists you in making your PDF editable in a variety of ways. Users can submit their PDF files to this platform to make changes to their PDFs. It is simply a simple way for you to edit your PDF documents. PDFBear is a reliable website for all your PDF requirements. Following are the editing tools PDFBear can offer to its users.

Add Page Numbers to PDF

Basically, we add page numbers in PDF to facilitate file organization. To minimize confusion and data loss in the long run, it is always preferable to have your electronic files well-structured from the start. Particularly if you are working with a large number of PDFs, you will require the tools provided by PDFBear to handle them further. You can better organize your pages by including page numbers on each one of their respective pages.

Before you can begin adding page numbers to your PDFs, you must first navigate to the PDFBear main page and click on “Number Pages,” which is represented by a number symbol. Then, locate the PDF file to which you want to include a page number and submit it to the editor. Following that, you will select where you want your page number to appear, which exact pages you want to number, and what style of text you want to use.

After you’ve made your selections, click on the “Number Pages” button to make the changes take effect immediately. The conversion procedure will take less than twenty seconds, after which you can download your newly altered PDF document immediately! Please keep in mind that the pace of the uploading and conversion operations may vary depending on your device and internet connection.

Add Watermarks to PDF

Does the use of PDF watermarks in today’s world make sense? Yes, they are, particularly in this upgraded and modernized digital era, in which social media usage has become considerably more prevalent than ever before. There are many occasions in which ungrateful users release data and information without the proper approval of the one that provided it. You must emphasize ownership of your files to avoid these types of copyright violations.

One of the most effective methods of accomplishing this is by including watermarks in your PDFs. On the PDFBear main page, select the “Add watermark” option and upload your selected PDF file, making sure to number the pages as you go. Select your favorite watermark position by clicking or tapping on it, and then input the text you wish to ink into your PDF. Simply apply and save the modifications to complete the process. You may also use the URL of your PDF to distribute it more quickly on social networking platforms.

Protect PDF

You might find yourself in a situation where you have to deal with documents that contain sensitive information. Online platforms must learn to respect and safeguard these confidential documents, as they have the potential to cause significant harm to their owners’ monetary well-being. PDFBear is well aware of this and adheres to the highest standards of consumer data protection. They comply with strict standards or maintain the confidentiality of their client’s personal information.

Every file that you upload to PDFBear is completely deleted from the system. After 60 minutes of processing your material, the website will erase your file immediately to safeguard it from being accessed by an unauthorized person. Alternatively, you can use the “Protect PDF” tool to password-protect your PDFs, if that is your preferred method of protecting your documents.

The uploading procedure is the same as before, except for the fact that you must select the “Protect PDF” option. After you have uploaded your PDF, you can enter your selected password or passcode. PDFBear will also assess the strength of your password and make recommendations on how to make it more difficult to guess and remember. Save your modifications, and then you may download your newly secured PDF document.

PDF Conversion

The conversion of files is the most common PDF editing task. There is no doubt that everyone who works with PDFs daily understands how to convert one file format into another, and vice versa. However, not everyone is aware of the secret to making things easier and faster. Furthermore, not everyone is aware of the main reasons for which they should convert their file format to a PDF format.

Using the Word document format makes it easier to prepare reports, conduct research, and complete other duties. Additionally, you have the ability to correct any typos in your file. However, if you print your file in Word document format, various formats, such as the lines, sentences, and spacing, can be changed. As a result, you must convert it to PDF format to prevent it from being altered.

The Word to PDF converter tool from PDFBear allows you to convert your files into PDFs in the shortest amount of time possible. It is only necessary to prepare your file and upload it into PDFBear’s system at this point. After that, you’ll only have to wait a minute or two before you can begin downloading your newly converted file from your computer.

In A Nutshell

PDFBear is a straightforward tool that is incredibly effective and beneficial in today’s demanding workplace. Given that the bulk of activities are now carried out online, understanding how to use these internet tools is highly advised. The use of an internet program has simplified the process of modifying PDF documents. PDFBear can, in reality, make your PDF editing tasks a lot easier. Because of the high-quality technologies offered, you will never have to go through any complicated processes.

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