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Everything You Need To Know About Your Child’s Learning Assessment


When it comes to parenting, it is important to know what you are doing for the betterment of your child’s future and then do it right. Out of all the other things, one is learning assessments. Just knowing the fact that you need to conduct it, is not enough, you also need to know what makes it so crucial. Similarly, there are a few other things to consider. Let’s start:

#1 Why do we insist on having a learning assessment?

  • What are their abilities? Although no test in the world can define that, a learning assessment, to an extent, details a child’s learning potential and how they are able to absorb, recall and process information
  • Reflects on their strengths and weaknesses – Call it a learning profile, but this assessment reveals how they learn and process information
  • Find out a few exceptions – Most of us find math really difficult, while on the contrary, for some it’s a joyride.
  • What learning strategy should be followed? – For a few kids, private schooling doesn’t work. While for some, a boarding school might not be the right choice. Some will need additional help in the form of home tuitions, some won’t. A learning assessment will help you make the right choice.
  • A boost to their self-esteem – Sometimes all our kids need is a push of encouragement and a dose of motivation. A learning assessment of right nature will act as a catalyst for the same as the children become more learned about their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

#2 When is the right time for such a test?

  • Earlier Intervention would be the best – You don’t want your child to deal with learning difficulties alone and end up falling into a learning An early learning assessment will ensure that your child is always adept with the best learning techniques. So earlier, the better.
  • Just in case – If there are developmental and mental health issues, delaying a learning assessment is always for the good. Consult a GP or Pediatrician

#3 What are the other things involved in a learning assessment?

  • A full educational assessment – This is one of the most basic things you can expect from a learning assessment, that includes a cognitive test that assesses the thinking, memory, reasoning and academic skills of the applicant. Not only will the revelations from this test be helpful for future career decisions but it will also help you regulate immediate decisions.
  • A psychologist who knows what he is doing – He will be conducting the exam, so he should definitely be up to date with the right skills, training, and experience.
  • Just the perfect environment for such tests – Not only are the right conditions necessary for obtaining accurate results, but they are also important for the child to be comfortable, stay at ease, and know what he is doing.
  • Breakup of the assessment into multiple sessions- Although it all depends on the place and person conducting the session, a breakup of the session into multiple sessions is only something that will improve results.
  • Duration of the test – You see, some children prefer evenings, some morning, but according to my observation, a mid-morning session is the best because this is when children are most awake.
  • Not really a test – Calling it a test will add a lot more extra burden on the child then they would be able to manage, so being friendly, calling it stuff like puzzles and riddles will help
  • It is no label – If you are thinking a test is an answer to what your child will be capable of in his life, you couldn’t be more wrong. A learning assessment’s purpose is not putting a tag on your child but to reflect on things and his current situation.

#4 What to expect after such a learning assessment?

  • Working with teachers – After the test, teachers need to consider the results, understand them, and then have a plan on how to improve them. It is important that both teachers and student stay on the same page during educational sessions.
  • Counseling sessions – Not for everyone, but some children will surely benefit from counseling sessions. A counselor’s sessions are completely personalized, with no fixed pattern and are entirely tailored to a child’s needs and dilemmas.

Apart from all of this, remember every child is like raw clay and you are a sculptor. Thus, it’s your creativity and analytical skills that will help them become the best of pottery. Make the right choice!

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