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Are you a fan of the darts game? Would you like to play this game in an online casino? Well, try Darts 180 and leovegas canada. This slot title looks like a replica of the dartboard and is brought to the online casinos by 1×2 Gaming. If you are still struggling to hit the bull’s eye on a real board, why not try this simulation game online. From the comfort of your own home, you can spin your way to riches with some luck.


The Darts 180 is a virtual darts game that offers plenty of fun and entertainment along with the option to win wonderful prizes. It does not look anywhere close to a slot machine and hence does not come with any paylines. It is different from the usual slots and is more tilted towards the simulation genre. There is no reel spin to determine an outcome here. You gain payouts based on the score you get when you throw the arrows. The points you collect are converted into wins based on the paytable. It falls in the video slots category and allows the bettors the option to place minimum and maximum stakes of $/£0.1 and 1$/£10 respectively.

The Darts 180 online slot was released in January 2016. You can access this title from any of the 1×2 Gaming powered casinos through desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. As it does not have any paylines or reels, all the usual features like wild, scatter, free spins, multipliers, etc., are missing. It does allow the gamblers to use the “Autoplay” option and has one attractive progressive jackpot feature. This means you stand a chance to win a huge prize.

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Graphics and Theme of Darts 180 Online Slot

From the title, it is evident that this game comes with a dart theme. It looks like a classic casino game. The classic coloured board in the centre garners all the attention as soon as the game loads on the screen. Two different boards take place on the sides of this main image. The one on the left is the board that shows the score for every throw, and the right board displays the various payouts a player can earn. With a classic touch and feel, there is not much space to include 3D graphics or high-end animations. Everything is simple and neat here with control buttons at the bottom of the game screen.


Those who are well versed with darts might find gameplay a bit challenging. As this is a slot, the score turns out into wins. The procedure to play is as follows.

  • Use the up or down arrow seen at the total stake option to choose the wager.
  • Once done, you just need to press the big green up arrow button provided in the middle of the bottom screen. This will start the game.
  • One spin will result in three arrows thrown on the board. The total score on the board results in the points or rewards you win.

Looking to land the arrows on the inner ring will result in trebling the score. For example, if you land on the 20-point area on the inner ring, your score turns to 60. There are 3 different colours in the slots, and the bull’s eye is in the middle. Each colour comes with a different payout, and the points decrease as you move outwards from the bull’s eye.

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Darts 180 Video Slot Machine Payouts

You do not find any paylines or symbols here. The payouts are based on the score that you get when you hit the arrows on the board. The lowest win a player can make here is 0.5x of the wager for a total of 40 points. You have the chance to collect the jackpot prize of 100x the stake when you collect 180 points from a round. Even though it does not come with any features or bonus rounds, it does come with perks. The maximum win potential is $/£10,000.00.

To land the bonus win, you need to concentrate on landing the arrows in the middle circle as the points are trebled. Hitting the red centre circle offers 50 units, and you gain 25 units for landing on the green centre. Landing the arrows on the middle circle of the board will double the score. Landing on all the other areas will only fetch you a single-digit value. Always bear in mind that the higher the odds, the lower is the chance to see a big result.

Play for Free before Using Real Money

It is important to first try out this title for free in any of the licensed and regulated online casinos that offer 1×2 Gaming software. This is a new genre and theme not very popular among the online gamblers. It will surely grab the attention of the board game fans and those who love to play classic roulette for fun. It is completely different for the normal slots, as it does not have the reels set or any of the features. Therefore, it is better to try demo mode several times to understand what it is about and how it plays out.

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Darts 180 Slot RTP

The Return to Player payout percentage is an important factor that all slot fans should check out when choosing a title. This one comes with an impressive theoretical RTP of 96% and the minimum RTP of 95.3%. The industry RTP standards are between 95% and 96%. As this game falls within this range, it can be tried out by all kinds of players.

Closing Thoughts

1×2 Gaming needs a pat on their back for bringing the darts concept into a simulation slot form. They have not meddled with the natural theme and play of the board game and yet made it look like a simulation slot machine. It is not complicated and has a retro and classic feel to it yet with a modern-day graphics and design. This is an ideal title to try for all the board game fans and those who love to try out different themes. It comes with decent payouts and hence suits the low and the medium rollers.

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