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Everything You Need To Know About Guitar Pedals


So you have just begun getting a decent grip on those guitar strings. After those few guitar classes, you might now be an expert in strumming a song or two on your brand new guitar. But the lessons do not stop there. There is a lot that you need to learn and pick up in the days to come. Learning to play a musical instrument is not just about picking up a few songs on the strings or the keys and then forgetting about them. There is the part of rigorous practise and knowledge about supporting gadgets. Musical instruments, especially the ones with strings, are more complicated than what you think them to be. Therefore, it is imperative that you understand how things work before you purchase one to enhance the quality of your instrument. We are going to be talking about guitar pedals in this article and try to understand all that there is to this accessory.

What Are Guitar Pedals?

To be able to understand which kind of guitar pedals you must be using, it is essential that you first know what a guitar pedal is. A guitar pedal is an instrument that amplifies the signals that go into the guitar. These pedals are mostly used for enhancing the sound signals and converting a low input signal into a high output one. However, make no mistake. Guitar pedals have more utilities than just magnifying sound signals. There are several kinds of pedals, and each of them has different functions. Besides managing the sound and the volume, a guitar pedal also provides a boost and controls the harsh frequencies.

Things You Need To Know About Guitar Pedals:

Now that we have established what guitar pedals are, it is time to learn a bit about the kind of guitar pedals available in the market. The knowledge you acquire about these accessories shall help you choose the one that suits your purpose the best. It shall help you to stay informed so that the next time you scour for these, you can rely on the sense of your judgement and not on others.

Tuner Pedals-

Tuner Pedals-

Tuner Pedals are something like your guitar tuners but in the form of a pedal. You only need to use your foot to operate it. But what sets it apart from your digital tuners is the fact that you can tune your guitar without getting in the way of your bandmates. It shall not create any nuisance to others, and you can peacefully tune your guitar to the key you want. Also, these pedals have an LED screen attached to it that gives you all the details you would probably require to perform your tuning.

EQ Pedals-

You can use any average EQ Pedal with a standard music playing software. EQ Pedals usually come with five sliders or more, and they are used to manage each of the frequencies on the tone. EQ Pedals also come with a knob that provides an excellent boost to the volume.


If you are looking for a kind of pedal that can boost your signals without creating noise or distortion, you must be using Boosters. These pedals, besides boosting your signals, also help in adding a specific organic flavour to your tone. The quality that is lent by these guitar pedals add an entirely different edge to the music you are strumming. Thus, if you are planning to learn the guitar or are planning to foray into this field to carve a niche for yourself, you need to get your hands on these pedals. There are no two ways to it.

Pedals for Pitch, Harmonizers-

You can experiment and have some real fun with music with these specific pedals. There is one for every need. For instance, if you need to add an octave, just buy one octaver. It is that simple. It makes working with music fresh and innovative and leaves room for creativity. The other kinds of pedals that you could consider using are the pitch shifter and harmonizer to shift in between your pitch and add intervals as and when required. Also, check to find more information on guitar pedals.


The topic of guitar pedals might take some time to sink into your bones because they have a different Physics associated with them. They are a bit technical to understand, and it is understandable if you feel it as some sort of a challenge to get a hold on the concepts. But it is important to remember that you need to know what guitar pedals do and how they can contribute towards taking your music to a new level. Musicians are artists, and there is perhaps no greater art than that of music. But, making music requires intelligence too, without which the art is incomplete. Therefore, enlighten your minds about these little things and enhance your musical sensibilities.

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