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Every Artificial Intelligence Innovations You Must Know


Artificial intelligence has been progressing rapidly and has been implemented in many fields to automate various processes. A lot of companies have boosted their workflow by adopting artificial intelligence into their operations. Artificial intelligence is used in industries such as biotechnology, commerce, military, telecommunication, digital marketing, gaming, transportation, finance, agriculture, and so much more. In this article, we’ll look at some of the technologies used in artificial intelligence.

Natural Language Generation

Natural language generation is a sub-discipline in artificial intelligence. It involves enabling computers to communicate ideas with perfect precision while converting data into text. Natural language generation is used in customer service to create reports and market summaries.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is a widely used artificial intelligence technology. There are systems that can transcribe natural language through artificial intelligence, thereby using voice-response automate systems and mobile apps to reach to hundreds of thousands.

Virtual Agents

Virtual agents are computer programs that are capable of interacting with humans. Virtual agents are useful tools for companies that want to become more focused on customers. Virtual agents are also called chatbots, though there are slight differences between them. A virtual agent does more than a chatbot, though they use the same technology and are highly similar. A chatbot communicates with a user by text, website chats, emails, or SMS. Virtual agents perform more tasks and can hold more advanced interactions.


Artificial intelligence is used in biometrics to measure, identify, and analyze human behavior and the structure and form of the human body. Artificial intelligence in biometrics allows for better interactions between humans and machines, including interactions that are related to body language recognition, touch, image, and speech. Artificial intelligence is used in biometrics for purposes such as security. Examples are keystroke dynamics, facial recognition, voice recognition, and gait detection.

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Machine Learning

This is a branch of artificial intelligence and a subdiscipline of computer science. It involves the provision of algorithms, application programming interfaces, development and training tools, and other techniques that allow the computer to learn. Advanced machine learning technology is also used to convert text to speeches. There are programs such as the text to speech mp3 converter which creates a replica voice that can be used in various projects.

Robotic Processes Automation

This involves the use of artificial intelligence to mimic and automate human tasks to complete them effectively. This is used to save costs and improve efficiency as automated processes are more efficient and they save businesses from hiring workers to perform mechanical and repetitive tasks.


Smartphones now have built-in artificial intelligence features such as virtual assistants and camera features. More manufacturers now produce phones with chips that have AI capabilities. This artificial intelligence integration is bringing and improving features such as mixed and virtual reality elements, scene detection, adaptive battery, splices, and other features. There is an increasing emphasis on AI by phone manufacturers with each software update and phone release. AI is also used in social media feeds to study user behavior and interactions and impact decisions.

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