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Dog On The Plane: Essentials You Will Need


When going on a trip, it is easier to entrust your dog to friends or someone close for a while. Looking through the list of the hottest dog camera offers, you can choose the one your friends will install for you to look at your pet not to miss it too much. But what if someone asked for help or planned to move to another city or even another country for permanent residence? The only right way out is to take your furry friend with you. Animals can be transported by trains, but can dogs travel by plane? Let’s try to find out.

Conditions of Air Transportation of a Dog

When planning to travel with an animal, the rules for transporting dogs on an aircraft should be carefully considered in advance.

How to Transport a Dog on a Plane

  • It is necessary to notify the airlines that there will be a dog on board 36 hours or more before departure.
  • During the booking of the ticket, inform the airline employee about the dog’s breed, its weight (with and without crate), height, dimensions of the container for transportation.
  • Before departure, the dog must be examined by a vet at the airport (this procedure can take about 45 minutes, so it is better to arrive at the airport in advance).
  • The most important vaccination is against rabies. The dog will not be allowed on the plane at all without it. Your pet has to be vaccinated at least one month and at most 12 months before the flight.
  • The owner, who travels with the dog, must have a veterinary kit (it is better to consult on its content with your vet).
  • It is not permitted to remove the dog from the container during the flight.
  • The dog must be wearing a muzzle, leash, and collar during the flight (some airlines require only a leash and collar).
  • It is not recommended to feed the dog later than 4 hours before departure.
  • You should walk the dog well before your flight.

What Dog Breeds Cannot be Transported by Plane?

Traveling by air transport is quite a serious business due to its specificity. And of course, not each dog will be allowed on board freely. First of all, it is forbidden to fly with sick animals. Such infectious diseases as rabies, plague, leptospirosis, microsporidia, and trichophytic, infectious hepatitis, parvoviral enteritis are considered serious.

Also, the airlines have the right to forbid the flight for the owner with a brachycephalic dog breed (Pug, Boxer, Shar Pei, Pekinese, and so forth). Such animals (with the shortened muzzle) can have breathing and heart problems because of the non-standard structure of a skull.

It is not allowed to transport heavyweight dogs whose body weight in total with a weight of a transportation container exceeds 50 kg. So, such a big dog will not be able to accompany the owner during the flight. The dogs with dirty wool and an unpleasant smell, as well as animals with anxiety caused by the transportation container, will not be allowed on board too.

Requirements for Baggage Section

Depending on the size of the animal, airline employees can offer to transport the dog both in the cabin and in the baggage section. Animals whose weight with the crate does not exceed 8 kg are allowed to travel in the cabin in a container (the crate should be placed at the owner’s feet).

At the same time, it is possible to carry simultaneously two adult dogs or three puppies if their total weight with containers is no more than 8 kg. If the total weight of the animal and container is more than 8 kg, the dog can only be transported in the baggage section.

Bottom Line

Directly on the day of departure, it is necessary to feed your pet well, but moderately an hour-and-a-half before leaving the house, and then walk it properly. It is essential to check all documents, to specify whether everything necessary is taken, to calm down, and a couple of hours before the departure time to go to the airport with your furry friend. We hope our recommendations will help you to fly with your dog go without troubles.

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