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Five Essential Tools to Help New Managers in Their Job


The job of a manager sounds fun and looks easy, but more managers have to deal with frustration and depression than people in other positions. This job has a lot of responsibilities and dealing with them can be challenging, especially for new managers. You can make your job a lot easier by using the right tools. You won’t have to memorize everything and there won’t be any tension of forgetting anything. I have shared some useful applications every manager should know about.

Master Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a blessing. Microsoft excel is a similar tool, but Google sheets are easy to share and access as they are stored in the online storage of Google. Make sure you learn the proper use of this tool to make your job easy. It takes seconds to create tables and you can apply formulas to get the job of hours done within minutes.

You can create schedules, plans, and reports within minutes with this tool. You can share them with your team members and access them from any device from anywhere. If possible, get your team G-Suite with company domain emails. They will be able to access the shared resources and communication will become much more efficient.

Get a Workforce Management Program

A manager doesn’t just have to manage work; he also has to manage the workforce. No matter what the size of the team, to monitor their every task and keep track of their performance can get complex. It also increases the chances of mistakes, which can be fatal in a professional environment.

It’s best to get a workforce management program that is specifically designed to help your job. On top of that, you get to store data in a friendly and efficient manner that enables you to see and compare performance and turnouts. This data also helps in making future decisions.

Data is very important for managers, and people have just started to realize its importance. You can get an edge over other managers within and outside your company by utilizing data and making smart decisions. You will have stats and figures to support your every decision, whether it’s about work or the workforce. You will see that no one can question your decisions when you back them with data.

Synchronize All Mails in Outlook

As a manager, you might be asked to use more than one email. There are official emails to deal with clients and different mails to manage in-house issues. In addition to that, you would also have your personal emails.

Instead of creating more than browser tabs with each email or keep logging in and out, you should gather them all in one place using outlook. It will take about two minutes to set up and then you will receive all your emails in one place.

Use Microsoft To-Do List

You have so many little things to do that you can forget. A professional never relies on his memory. Unless you have an assistant to note and remind you everything you need to do, you should start using the To-Do list.

You can add what you need to do the same or the next day. If you want, you can set their times and even have it remind you. This ensures that you get everything done on time without missing anything.

Time Tracking Application

You waste a lot of time when dealing with multiple things simultaneously. It’s important to keep track of your time and record it when you are starting something.

You would know when you started something, how much time it took, and how much time it should have taken. You will get used to those timings as you practice, and eventually, there will be no more need for any application.

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