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EssayPro Shows Exemplary Customer Care and Quality Writing


EssayPro has existed on the market for about twenty years, giving other services a lousy reputation. A quick copywriting analysis of the website shows that they bring ideas to the table, while others seek to empty your wallet mercilessly.

Students use these services for several reasons, mostly because of language barriers and to free up some time. Sadly, most services take advantage of this by delivering low quality work. In this article, we will analyze EssayPro, a service which we believe truly stands out, and explain why you should trust them.

Proper Formatting For The Win

Quality is an abstract concept when it comes to essays. Professors don’t look for much creativity and excellent word choice, rather than proper use of sources and the ability to organize information coherently. Poor grammar, punctuation, and word choice sure deduce points, but not as much as the absence of sources or the use of Wikipedia for example.

Upon receiving a paper from EssayPro, you’ll notice that the formatting is done correctly according to the Purdue MLA guide. This type of format is a delight in the professor’s eyes. Each paper contains a bibliography page, a title page, headers, footers, and proper in-text citations.

Use of Paid Academic Journals

A common problem with any other is that they use blogs and articles as primary sources. That is a massive no-no in academic essays; it rocks the foundation of the composition until it is completely demolished to a D grade. Why? Because online articles are irrelevant to academia, especially when you got an entire library of the world’s greatest researchers and statistics.

EssayPro knows this, and they give their writers access to JSTOR, Google Scholar, and various other paid academic journal catalogs. It is visible through the sources used in each essay – there will never be a Wikipedia entry or a Clickhole article. And if something horrifying like this happens, you’ll get a full refund on your essay.

No ‘Pay and Pray’ System

‘Pay and Pray’ is what you call those services which ask for your money up front. EssayPro eliminates this problem with its smart payment system. You deposit funds and release them only when you have read and approved the writer’s work.

It puts a constructive type of stress on the writer’s shoulders, as they work much harder to satisfy you with their writing. It usually takes up to three days to receive a standard essay from them, while other services hurry to get clients out of the way as quick as possible. Also, EssayPro offers unlimited edits on their papers, making their payment system even more legit.

Communication is Vital

This sharing of sources and extensive editing happens through a well-made client to writer chat system. There, you may send references which you want to be used in the essay; you may request edits or proofreads of the work. You may also send the writer previous examples of your work to help them imitate your writing style. This is extremely important, as you don’t want your professor to find out you’ve been using this service.

Since they are an international service, they always have a customer support representative online. So if you write to them at 2 AM and ask for an essay to be done in six hours, they’ll probably handle it. One of the handiest things about EssayPro is their flexibility in this respect.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we can say that this service walks the extra mile when it comes to delivering quality content. The surprising transparency of their work doesn’t fail to impress. And their flexibility makes it super easy to order an essay anytime and count on the results to arrive before the deadline.

It’s a decent shot for your money. At $12 per page, you get unlimited edits and full control over the writing process. While other services still lag and deliver mediocre work, this service visibly cares about its clients and reputation.

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