EnviroTech Custom Injection Molders Review


With over 50 years of experience in providing custom solutions for various industries, EnviroTech has become a world leader in the field of building high quality polymer injection molded products for various purposes. The company focuses in delivering products in a timely manner and creating solutions for challenges that seem to be tool complex to overcome. The expertise and the desire to achieve more with each project has put EnviroTech at the top of the success ladder in its industry.

With that said, the company has come a long way since its founding and today it is considered to be the producer of the largest polymer products available on the market. The highly trained engineers and professionals working at EnviroTech have years of knowledge and experience behind them, as well as tremendous qualities and values responsible for their global success. The company’s polymer injection capabilities include polypropylene, PVC, PFA, PVDF, polyethylene and more.

Providing high quality and precise products, EnviroTech has found its way to various global industries years ago. Today, they are responsible for the creation of innovative solutions and polymer injection molded products used in industries such as oil & gas, pumps, filtration, mining and even the defense department, among many others.

However, what truly set EnviroTech apart from their competition is their large capacity for execution. With presses ranging up to 2500 tons, the EnviroTech engineers can create injection mold parts of up to 536 pounds in weight, which is a large capacity that not many companies of this sort can offer to the market. Besides years of expertise, EnviroTech possesses state of the art equipment for manufacturing the most precise and highest quality injection molded products.

With so many valuable assets available to them, the professionals at EnviroTech have everything they need in order to provide effective solutions and place new products on the market, offering unmatched value thus far. The company’s engineers take pride in solving challenges and helping businesses bring their ideas to life, all of which is done in a timely and highly efficient manner. With the ability to injection mold any kind of thermoplastic polymer resin or to create suitable metal replacements, the company plays an important role in helping different industries meet the highest standards of quality when building new and innovative products.

Furthermore, EnviroTech provides a wide range of services besides injection molded products. The services include advanced machining, fabrication, assembly, bonding, as well as labeling and special packaging. As a part of the Klinkau group of companies, EnviroTech puts extra effort in providing effective solutions and a variety of product options to their customers.

To be able to provide a variety of different product options, the company is maintaining successful relationships with numerous suppliers. This opens the door to many kinds of plastic options the company can use to create specific solutions requested by different businesses. Besides building injection molded products, various electrochemical polymer frames and metal replacements, EnviroTech takes a step further in assisting its customers with product design. They work on the whole process from building the product from scratch to all the way until the product is ready to be marketed.

Serving a wide range of clients from different industries and scales, EnviroTech provides product solutions that range in prices from low cost foreign molds to the more expensive, complex constructions. Using advanced machinery and state of the art equipment, they bring every product to perfection by following the exact specifications required by the customers. Product control check is another mandatory step each product has to go through, before being forwarded to the client.

Thus, million dollar businesses and high-end companies can rest assured that EnviroTech will always deliver the highest quality product that goes through a mandatory stage of quality control. On top of all their services, EnviroTech also provides engineering consulting for businesses interested in working with them. To learn more about this industry-leading manufacturer of injection molded products, head over to their site. For any questions or concerns that need answering, reach out to the company’s staff through their contact form. Their experienced support team will respond to your inquiry quickly, allowing you to further discuss your interests in working with them.

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