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5 Enterprise Tools To Boost Productivity


Productivity is the cornerstone of ensuring an enterprise achieves its goals and attains success. In a business, productivity is the amount of work the employees can do to produce satisfactory results within a given time frame. Workers’ productivity in your workplace can be negatively affected by poor time management, communication, and managing of projects.

Lack of productivity is characterized by your team spending too much time executing a task or a project taking longer than expected to be completed. Various enterprise tools can help improve your business’s productivity.  Read more as this article will highlight these productivity tools.

#1 Work Load Automation (WLA)

WLA is the process that automates the managing of your enterprise. The automation is done through software. With work load automation your business will run efficiently, faster, and with reduced errors in the final result. Without WLA, managers and department heads spend a lot of time allocating tasks, supervising works, and manually preparing reports. The managers can now focus on more critical projects in the office, increasing their productivity with the integration of WLA.

#2 Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time management tool that you can use to ensure your employees utilize their time in the office efficiently. Your workers log in once they come to work. After logging in, the tool monitors their activities. Thus, you’ll be able to see what each of your employees worked on, including the sites they visited during work hours.

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Getting such data allows you to know the time of the day when your employees are least productive. It also shows the time it takes each of them to complete an assigned project. This information will help you to better assign tasks based on their urgency and make changes in your office to increase productivity.

Time doctor allows you to call in each of your workers and discuss their weaknesses and strengths.  This could help them improve as individuals and ensure they’re achieving the company’s goals.

The human resource department can utilize the spreadsheets drawn by Time Doctor to process payrolls for your workers, ensuring they’re accurate. A Time Doctor’s spreadsheet can be used to confirm an employee’s overtime hours.  With such a tool in use by your business, employees will need to level up and be productive throughout the day. Thus, increasing the productivity of your enterprise.

#3 Calendly

Calendly is a productivity tool that eases the process of scheduling meetings on your calendar. The tool allows you to digitally organize your calendar, including blocking the days and hours you’re busy. Blocking your days prevents unplanned meetings, where people show up to your office when you’re in the middle of an important project and distracting you.

When someone needs to have a meeting with you, the tool allows them to set up a date based on your availability, depicted in your Calendly tool. The tool reduces the time spent sending emails back and forth trying to set up a meeting and the time your secretary spends trying to schedule appointments. You’ll spend time doing more productive work, which will lead to accomplishing your company’s goals.

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#4 Freedcamp

Freedcamp is a project management tool that can help you easily manage your projects and ensure their timely delivery.

The tool works by allowing you to monitor your projects from their inception to completion. Freedcamp schedules tasks for your project, showcases the project’s milestones and delays, allowing you to make crucial decisions and amendments. It also allows you to counter potential risks that might arise based on the tool’s analysis.

Besides allowing you to manage your projects, it also provides collaborative handling of tasks. Your whole business and project team can access the data and help in executing it, despite their geographical location. You can hold virtual meetings through the communication interface offered by the tool. This reduces the time spent moving from office to office to attend meetings.  Thus, you could have more resources to handle the next project.

#5 Nextiva

Your team can utilize this productivity tool to communicate efficiently, especially if some of them are working remotely. Nextiva allows for collaborative working in your office. It also allows any of your employees to call, text, or email any of the others as the need arises. Your workers can work and communicate in real-time through the interface.

With Nextiva, there’s no need to send endless emails that might get lost. Nextiva reduces the time spent looking for lost thumbnails or waiting for a colleague to reply to an email for work to continue.


There are many productivity tools available. It’s essential to choose one or more tools that your enterprise needs. Productivity tools range from communication to time and project management. Identify the cause of the low productivity in your business and acquire the tool that will solve them.  This could help expand your business in the long run.

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