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Types of Endpoint Security Essential for Your Enterprise During and After Covid-19 Pandemic


Did you know 70% of all successful cyberattacks originate on the endpoint? With that said, it’s essential now more than ever you beef up your endpoint security. Why? Well, with more organizations implementing work-at-home policies in response to the novel Covid-19 outbreak, endpoint attacks are set to increase even more.

This is in large part because a majority of businesses that are currently embracing remote operations are yet to adopt the necessary IT infrastructure. You can set yourself apart by adopting an endpoint security cloud.

But before you do, note, endpoint security options are not a one size fits all. They come in different shapes and are meant to beef up the security of different access points. In that light, here are some of the types of endpoint security options you should consider deploying

1. Internet of Things (IoT) Security

IoT devices are slowly yet gradually becoming a paramount part of IT infrastructure in the digital enterprise. This is, however, no surprise as IoT dramatically enhances communication and business processes. But, while beneficial, these devices are also incredibly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

On the one hand, this is mainly because most manufacturers don’t prioritize security in their IoT products. On the other hand, most organizations tend to overlook these devices as non-essential. After all, who would hack a sensor or a printer?

Well, unfortunately, hackers know this and will often use these devices to penetrate and hack an organization’s cloud network.  With that said, one critical type of endpoint security cloud solution that you should look into while reviewing the various solutions in the market is IoT security

2. Endpoint Encryption

Endpoint encryption is another essential layer of endpoint security that you will come across and one that you should highly consider adding to your strategy. It fully encrypts any outgoing enterprise data on endpoints such as mobile phones and laptops as well as removable storage devices and individual files. As a result, the risk of data breaches or leaks occurring during data transmission from your networks is greatly minimized.

3. URL Filtering

URL filtering is also another essential type of endpoint solution you should consider. Why? Implementing endpoint encryption will prevent data leaks, and IoT security will prevent attacks via IoT devices, but what if employees unintentionally open or download content from malicious websites?

They’ll have inadvertently put your organization at risk of a damaging cyberattack. You can prevent this from happening by adding URL filtering to your endpoint cloud security strategy. URL Filtering is precisely what the name implies. That is, it restricts access to websites with malware or malicious content. URL filtering also has the added benefit of allowing you to prevent employees from accessing content you find inappropriate such as adult sites using your network’s bandwidth.

Other Types of Endpoint Security Solutions You Should Consider

  • Application control
  • Browser isolation
  • Antivirus solutions
  • Secure Email gateways

If your company is among organizations implementing remote working policies due to the life-altering Covid-19 pandemic, ensure your business is protected from potential cyberattacks by covering any access points that hackers may use.

You can achieve this by implementing the solutions above. But make sure that whichever endpoint security cloud you choose to deploy comes from a reputable vendor.

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