Employee Recognition Gift Ideas for Your Remote Team in 2022

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While working from home has its benefits, it also means that employees miss out on all the socialization that takes place at the office during lunch breaks, water cooler chats, and after-work events.

So, in order to help your employees cope with the isolation and boost their morale, it is important that you take the time to show them how much you appreciate their hard work, especially now with the upcoming holiday season and increased workload.

In this article, we’ll give you a few great recognition gift ideas that will show your employees just how much you value them and their hard work.

Holiday gift boxes

As the holidays are slowly approaching, and the workload might increase, everyone would appreciate a good gift box that will cheer and motivate them to work even harder in the upcoming year. The possibilities are endless, and it is easy to become overwhelmed when deciding on the perfect holiday gift box for your hardworking remote employees.

Choosing the best holiday gift boxes for your remote employees can boost morale and productivity. So, learn more about their interests and passions, and surprise them with a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift box that will encourage them to work even harder now that they know their efforts are being recognized and rewarded.

Upgrade their working from home equipment

Another great thoughtful gift idea is upgrading your remote team’s work equipment. Adapting to work from home has been a real challenge, especially since not everyone has the necessary equipment to do their job properly. Because working from home for a few hours outside of typical working hours and making your home your primary workspace is very different.

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So, to help your employees continue doing what they do best, it’s crucial to provide them with appropriate equipment like computer accessories (monitors, mouses, keyboards), noise-canceling headset, or if your budget allows it, even a work desk or a good ergonomic chair. Not only will your employee feel appreciated by employee recognition, but they will also be able to continue doing their work as if they were in the office.

Virtual recognition

Appreciation gifts can also be in the form of virtual recognition like a shout-out on social media or using a rewards and recognition platform to write a customized message. Note that this type of recognition idea can only take a few minutes but can make a huge impact on your employees.

Another great idea would be to write a LinkedIn recommendation, which will boost their morale and simply show how much you care for your employees. Organize a virtual get-together and praise them in front of the other employees to encourage everyone to engage even more.

Discounts on food delivery

Many employees working from home are running out of creative recipes for themselves and their families, and since food delivery is on the rise due to the pandemic, many have turned to order food online. Cooking meals every day can be exhausting, especially since you also work from home and don’t have the standard “lunch break” to relax and unwind.

A great way for your company to show appreciation to those working remotely is by providing them discounts on food delivery apps and gift cards for takeout from local restaurants. Your employees will appreciate this since it will alleviate stress, but also your company will help restaurants as well.

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Long weekend and streaming subscription

What better way to surprise your employees than by giving them a nice long weekend, and a streaming subscription for Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and such. Allow your remote team to take the occasional Friday off to blow off some steam, and spend some extra time with their families. This is extremely important for those balancing housework, childcare, or feeling overwhelmed by the stressful situation that is the ongoing pandemic.

People are not used to consuming global tragedy at the rate we do now, so offering an occasional time off will make them feel appreciated and help them feel less overwhelmed. This is one of the simplest appreciation gifts you can think of, so you might want to use it once a month. Also, people staying at home often use the time to relax by watching their favorite TV shows, so they will much appreciate a streaming subscription gift.

In closing

Making your employees feel appreciated and valued goes a long way in keeping a good working environment. There are plenty of other good ideas including home exercise equipment, a snack box, or a free e-learning program subscription. Just remember, there’s no such thing as too small or too little when it comes to showing your appreciation and awarding your hardworking employees.

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