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Embedded Software Development Challenges


In modern conditions, the issue of the quality of software supplied to the market is becoming more and more relevant. With an increase in the number of development companies. As well as independent teams of programmers who are ready to provide consumers with a finished product. The interest in the prompt launch of a commercial solution is growing. Often, in the pursuit of profit, the key problems of software development fade into the background. Timing prevails in the struggle for high quality embedded software development. Let’s note the main factors that have a negative impact on the quality indicators of programs released to the market.

Rather large teams of developers, when planning the creation of new software. As a rule, it makes the first mistake already at the stage of forming the technical task. Contrary to the well-established technology for the development of high-quality software, customers often limit the project implementation time. They force the development team to exclude the process of debugging the code written by programmers from the list of tasks. Instead of optimizing each component of a software product, the task of “catching bugs” is entrusted to the testers. They take on the work at the very last stage of software development. When all the modules of the program have already been collected together.

A slightly less significant mistake leading to problems in software development is ignoring the very necessary procedure. It’s used for analyzing the requirements for the future program. It’s formed by the customer and the executor. A vague understanding of the goals pursued by the customer. As well as the inconsistency of business details to be implemented in the product. It leads to the delivery of a low-quality program that has a significant number of flaws. This problem is especially acute in the development of mobile applications. Where the earliest possible launch of a solution to the market becomes a key factor for customers in order to have time to earn money. It goes from selling the program to consumers.


To avoid these problems in software development, both customers and implementers, whether it is a large company or a small team of programmers, must adhere to a software quality assurance methodology. It consists of only a few points.

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Requirements analysis

Even at the stage of forming the terms of reference for software development, it is required to agree on key issues related to the mechanics of work. And the composition of the key components of the program. Also, the parties must come to a mutual understanding on the functionality of the software product being created. This will allow to achieve acceptance of the work immediately after the demonstration of the working sample. It’s related to the software development.

Analysis and end-to-end control of the code

Monitoring the operability of the program code, the presence of errors. And the correctness of their processing should be carried out constantly, throughout the entire software development process. It is categorically impossible to shift the need to search for problematic sections of the code onto the shoulders of testers. They are involved in checking the performance of the main software functions after completing the main stages of development.

Session testing

The session testing technique, proposed by one of the leading experts in the field of programming, allows you to perform a high-quality test of the functionality. It;s related to the created solution. In contrast to the technology of searching for “pinpoint” code flaws. In session testing the tester is free to try to identify unusual defects. In fact, it simulates the behavior of the intended user.

IT outsourcing will help

The most effective way to solve problems in software development is to contact professional “outsourcers” providing IT outsourcing services in the segment of software development. The key points are a correctly drawn up terms of reference. They reflect the requirements and needs of both parties to the agreement. As well as setting the most optimal terms for order execution. At the same time, the developers are obliged to prove the validity of extending the project implementation timeline. If necessary, in order to achieve a high quality of the final product. Only then will quality prevail over timing.

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