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Eleven Personal Finance Tips That’ll Make You Rich


Who doesn’t dream of being rich? No one! That said, you’re going to have to do a lot more than dreaming if you even want to get started.

While improving one’s financial status shouldn’t be restricted to a particular time of the year, the majority only pay attention when the tax season is looming. Or when a new year closes in. Nobody’s judging when or how you take this decision, but there are some basics you should know before moving forward. This article is here to provide some essential tips related to personal finance. Follow along with these tips if you want to maximize your wealth and get ahead financially. Let’s begin!

Know your (net) worth

The perfect way to kick off your journey to financial awareness and success is to calculate your net worth. Don’t know how to? Gather up your assets (such as cash, property, and investments) and subtract them from your liabilities (such as mortgage debt and pending student loans). By doing so, you’ll be aware of where you stand financially and can plan ahead.

Take the digital route

A good idea to instantly become more mindful of your overall finances is to download your personal/business bank’s digital app. Though a little unfamiliar, it’s a fool-proof technique. Besides allowing you to keep a check on your expenses and account balance, it can also let you measure whether you are on track with your financial goals.

When you sit down daily for breakfast, spare a few minutes to review all your transactions and account balances. This simple habit can allow you to proactively track your spending and alleviate the risk of overspending simultaneously. Similarly, you could also set up a free checking account and stay on top of all your payments using e-statements. This is essential to keep track of your monthly expenses.

Save it till you make it

Forget getting rich if you’re reluctant to save. In the uncertain, constantly shifting financial world, saving your earnings takes precedence over earning them. Take, for instance, the countless celebrities and one-trick ponies that made quick bucks but became insolvent just as quickly. Therefore, one’s income is only half of this equation, and the first rule of financial success is saving.

But how much should you save? Well, it won’t be enough unless you feel uncomfortable. This means, save till it’s impossible to. You could start with the basic 50/20/30 budget rule, tucking away 20% of your after-tax income into savings. Does it make you uncomfortable enough? Keep upping the percentage until you feel the pressure. You can take inspiration from plenty of people in your circle, some of whom might be saving more than a whopping 50% of their earnings.

Determine your financial goals

If the previous heading (read tip) didn’t motivate you enough to save, it’s understandable. It’s impossible to save without a real purpose. Those already proficient at saving might find it easier. Others might find it motivating enough to save by just watching their earnings grow regularly. And as for the rest of us, it’s wise to set some financial goals from the outset. These goals can become a strong motivator and provide that much-needed purpose for saving.

Some common, positive financial goals include saving for buying a new house, going on a trip, or leaving a soul-draining job. The size and nature of your objectives don’t matter; what matters is that you have one.

Ensure you’re not underpaid

Instead of falling for desperate schemes for increasing your wealth, try to identify the worth of your particular job in the market first. Start by quickly reviewing your skills, qualifications, job description, and your contributions to the organization you work in. Additionally, ask around the industry and find out the going hourly rate for your position. Doing so will ensure you’re not getting underpaid. Though losing $100 in monthly income might not seem like a big deal, its effects can dramatically impact your earnings when accumulated over the years.

Don’t let spending’s exceed the earnings

Unfortunately, how much you earn won’t help you get any richer if your spending exceeds your affordability. And regardless of the job type, making more money is always trickier than simply reducing expenditures. All that’s required is a bit of effort to cut back on specific expenses, and boom! You got savings! It doesn’t always have to be a grand effort; even minor cost-cutting matters.

Get rid of credit card debt ASAP

Can you guess what the most common hurdle in accumulating wealth is? It’s the credit card debt that guilt-trips us all. Although credit cards’ convenience comes second to none, they’re also master manipulators at making us think that the money we’re happily throwing away is genuine and doesn’t grow magically. And even with the sincerest intentions of balancing out the debt, people often fail at doing so. As a result, people tend to pay a lot more for their purchases than they would have to if they were using cash.

Master the art of budgeting

Let’s be honest; nobody fantasizes about budgeting. After all, who would like to waste time going through records on a spreadsheet? And that’s precisely the point of view you need to change if you wish to get rich!

It’s nonsensical to think about future riches while being clueless about your current cash flows. Plus, the first step towards financial supremacy is creating a budget. And when personal finance is concerned, poor planning is a recipe for financial disaster.

One can manage their finances a lot better by devising an estimated budget according to their respective monthly spending and earnings. In turn, this simple financial plan will also let you track and curb your expenses and save more.

Have a backup plan

We’ve all heard it; change is the only constant in life. So it’s best to plan for contingencies beforehand. Nobody wants to stay awake at night, wondering what will happen if they lost their job or an accident made them physically incapable of performing said job. To rid yourself of such mental and financial anguish, consider setting up a personal emergency fund.

Experts recommend socking away a minimum of three to six months’ worth of essential expenses in an account. If your earnings stop or there’s job insecurity, this fund will give you the time to determine your next move.

Make your money work for you

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Your part of the job is done when you’ve earned money. And since there’s a time value to your money, it’s time to put it to work. Find an attractive instrument to invest in and relax as your money and compound interest join forces to grow your wealth for you.

Building more income streams with your current one is another sure-fire way to reap future riches. Your blood and sweat on your regular job can secure your future wealth when you use your income to build passive income streams.

The bottom line

After everything’s said and done, being rich is less about generating fast cash and more about making precise and calculated financial decisions to sustain that wealth in the long term. This article mentioned some valuable personal finance tips for the same reason. These involve setting goals, saving, learning to budget, and paying debt timely. By following these tips diligently, you’ll be richer before you even know it!

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