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Electronic Logging Device Exceptions You Need To Know


ELD is an obligatory e-log device that must be installed in every carrier motor vehicle, according to FMCSA’s Mandate. The list of recommended ELD providers is published on the FMCSA website. Ezlogz is among them. It proves that its ELDs are correspondent to all requirements and it can be installed in any type of carrier motor vehicles listed below:

  • interstate trucks;
  • commercial buses;
  • motor carriers who are required to fill in Records of Duty Status and count the Hours of Service;
  • Canada and Mexico-domiciled drivers.

If you were required to maintain paper logs for HOS in the past, you should clarify with the Department of Transportation (DOT) whether you need to use ELD.

But there are some exceptions to the rule. Here they are:

#1 Drivers operating vehicles with pre-2000 engines.

An ELD unit requires an engine control module (ECM). And the engines older than 2000 are not equipped with this module. You can verify it is a VIN code. If it is pre-2000, it means that you are nor required to use ELDs. However if your vehicle has had the engine swapped in from another car using a glider kit. In this case the motor model year is determinant whether or not the vehicle is exempt from the FMCSA’s Rule.

#2 Short-haul drivers.

These drivers do short work. It means that they either transport their cargo to a specific location, or make daily delivery within the 150 Air-mile radius exception.  After that they return the vehicle and go home. According to FMCSA’s Rule, to qualify for exemption, drivers must:

  • work within 150 air-mile radius of their normal duty reporting location;
  • start and finish working shift at the same place;
  • not work more than 12 hours a day;
  • have minimum 10 hours of rest after 12-hour working shift;
  • not drive more than 14 consecutive hours.
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#3 Farm vehicles.

This category of transport and the carriers that operate it, may be exempt from using ELDs. But not all agricultural vehicles are except. The rule applies to the private transportation of livestock, equipment or supplies being moved from one location to another by the owner or employee.

#4 Driveaway-towaway drivers.

Who deliver commercial motor vehicles as a part  of shipment, an ELD is not required for such travel.

#5 Drivers who maintain Records Of Duty Status for 8 days or less.

The drivers which use RODS for 8 days or less in a 30-day period are not required to install ELD. They maintain paper logs. However if you break the exception more than 8 times in a 30-day period, it’s better to use ELD for the rest of the cycle.

The ELD exemptions relate to the ELD mandate, not the HOS requirements outlined in Regulation 395. Carriers and drivers are still required to maintain paper logs showing the time they start and end the work and their total number of hours on duty.

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