Effective Website Promotion Ideas and Techniques

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Effective Website Promotion Ideas and Techniques

When you are new in online business you need to promote your blog or websites on the web, but internet marketing services and web promotion cost is very high and a small business owner can’t afford these services, but you can promote your blogs and websites for free, I am sharing some ways which you can apply to your blog to get a free promotion, but these techniques need patience and hard work.

Share Your Achievements

Sharing your achievement is a great way to show that you are on the right path of success, if you are sharing some of your successes on social networks or on your blog and websites, then it will motivate others and gives you promotion as well, people love to read success stories if you have gone through my previous post “Create a wish list to Speed up your Blogging Career” and if you are using it in your career then you can share every wish which you fulfill from your blog and website.

You can share your achievements, Like great Internet personalities mention you or your blog in their tweets or in their blogs, someone endorses you on Linkedin, or you get any awesome Email which shows your achievements.

Comment Regularly

I will not explain this a lot, commenting on blog is quite common and easiest way to promote your blogs and websites, whenever you comment on a blog try to be the first commentator and always write comments with any useful information, or if you do not agree with the post then ask your queries, always try to reduce Grammatical and Typo mistakes.

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Many bloggers add top commentator widget in their blog, so if you are a regular reader of a blog then you can be the top commentator on that blog and you will get a free promotion with benefits of link building.

Social Share

This area is neglected by most of the bloggers, they just put social sharing buttons on their blogs, but that is the only step more social share gives you better rankings in a social score of the Google search algorithm, Google crawls each and every public social sharing activity which redirected to your blog.

One of the simple examples is Google Plus nowadays google plus is the most important part of Social Media, and if you are building your websites and blog as per Google Search Engine then your search results may vary as per google plus shares, More shares mean better rankings in google search.

Always Be Friendly with everyone

You should always be friendly with everyone on social profiles or on your blog, always reply to their comments and answer them politely and you can also add some humor in your talk that makes your presence impressive.

Your online presence can give you free promotion for your blogs and websites, always appreciate others for their work and they will do the same in return, and appreciation is one of the popular promotion techniques.

Banners and link can be placed with paid services like for banner ads you can use Google AdWords, Google Adword is best for paid promotion, but if you want to do it for free then just ask other bloggers or website owners to place your banner on their websites or in return you can do the same, by doing this boat will get promotions it’s a win-win situation.

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The same thing can be done for the links, you can have a blogroll on your blog and you can exchange links with other bloggers for free.

Guest Post

Another easy way of promotion is guest posting, if you post on big blogs then you will get recognition from their readers and the same time you will get traffic as well, guest posting gives many benefits like buy quality backlink, traffic, new readers, guest posting is a perfect website promotion package with great output.

Always try to publish your guest post on high authority blogs, because when you publish your post on reputed blogs then your standard will also increase, and reputation does matter a lot in online business.

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