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Effective Guest Blogging For Backlink – Questions Raised By Matt Cutts


The recent video release by Google on effective guest blogging for backlinks has raised more questions than answering them. In the 9th October video, Matt Cutts, responded to a question on Google’s approach towards guest posting for quality link building. And what measures a blog owner needs to take while approving a guest post.

But, the three minute video threw more insights than what was expected by bloggers and blog owners. Until the video release, the importance of effective guest blogging techniques was frequently stressed upon and how vital it was for both the parties. However, this video on effective guest blogging has forced us to rethink and review our guest posting strategy. Here is why.

Main highlights of the video

  1. Question Addressed – What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?
  2. Addressed by – Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team.
  3. Prime Motive – To stress more on effective guest blogging for backlinks.
  4. Notable Matt Cutts video quotes
  • “2 ways to interpret the question”

Cutts stresses that there are two ways to broadly understand current blogging practices, which are being adopted. One is guest blogging for delivering high quality content and the other being, guest posting for excessive link building only.

Ofcourse this is not something we weren’t aware of. We personally at some point may have come across blogs that accept any guest post that comes their way. This is due to two reasons.

  1. To get their blog out of the dormant phase and start updating frequently with less worthy content. And to compensate their erratic blog posting with the help of guest posts by others.
  2. To give even more priority to the well written posts by linking more number of such inferior posts to them. This is done keeping in mind that, by creating a web of links around an article, that post will rank higher in search engines.
  • “High quality writer”

Matt Cutts pulls the first trigger when he mentions about high quality writers and high quality people. This leaves bloggers and blog owners wondering.

  1. Who is a high quality writer? Does Google have a systematic means to categorize blog writers?
  2. If yes, then who is worthy to be called a “high quality writer”? And how to differentiate a normal writer from a high quality writer?
  • “..And it can be a great way for may be someone who isn’t quite as well known but writes really really well..”

This is a sigh of relief for new bloggers. Matt clearly justifies that, if the guest post is informative, insightful and well researched, then it doesn’t matter whether the guest post has been submitted by an established blogger or not. Quality of the guest post matters. May be that’s the reason why he mentioned, “high quality writer” and not “high quality blogger”.

  • “There is something we would less likely to count those links”

By stating so, Matt Cutts cautions the blog owners and guest bloggers, about the need of effective guest blogging for building quality backlinks. He also gives a hint about de-indexing lower quality guest posts or even removing the backlinks.

  • “The source of links that we would like to count more would be the higher quality articles”

Again, he stresses on effective guest blogging techniques that need to be followed. Creating quality backlinks is of greater importance than mindlessly aiming for excessive low quality links.

Effective guest blogging to increase backlinks – Bottomline

The three minute video has surely forced the whole blogging community to think. And when the Google’s Webspam head says so, it needs to be seriously thought of. Soon, we may even be expecting another revolutionary Google update, penalizing poor guest posts. Who knows!

So in the present scenario, for blog owners it becomes more evident to check and monitor all backlinks to the blog. Get rid of any questionable poor quality backlinks, before Google starts penalizing. And for guest bloggers, writing good blog posts is the only means to get it approved by blog owners who are now over cautious. By this way both parties can be mutually benefited from effective guest blogging.

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