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DU Battery Saver/Power Doctor Free Download for Android Device


Nowadays Smartphone is the most trending gadget which was liked by almost all the people. Smartphone makes the user’s life lighter by providing some extra-ordinary features which will make them feel comfortable. But the Smartphone users facing a serious problem is that the battery life is very low, this is happening because of some apps running on the background which will drain the battery slowly without their knowledge.

Battery is one of the most efficiency components in the wireless device that helps you to access the device while moving or travelling. To overcome this problem, DU Apps Studio launched an App called Du Battery Saver which is shortly called as Power Doctor. It is a free Battery saving App which will make your Android smartphone or tablet to increase the battery life by 50%. By using this App you can get a complete report about the Battery performance of your device.

Features of DU Battery Saver:


Optimization is defined as the process of clearing unwanted tasks in order to get a better solution for maintaining regularity. In this app, Optimize feature is used to stop the unwanted apps which is running in the background by a single click maintenance. By using this feature, you can find and solve the problem in battery instantly. The “Optimize” can be added to the widgets on the home screen that helps you to stop the power consuming apps running in the background with a single tap. This process will surely help you to increase the battery’s life of your Android Smartphones or Tablets.

Easy and Powerful:

Power Doctor will be easy to Optimize the background running apps and it has the capacity to increase the Android Battery life up to 50% which could raise your usage time of your device. It is enough power to boost our Android device to manage the background apps and the hardware in order to extend the Battery’s life. It supports almost all languages for easy access through the app.

Smart Power Settings:

Smart power is the feature that automatically save the power and extends the life of the Android Battery with the help of the DU Battery Saver’s Smart Power Settings. To experience the smart feature you have to upgrade your DU Battery Saver into a PRO version. The PRO version will accurately show the clear cut picture of the Battery use in your Android device.

Monitor the Usage of the Battery:

The most attractive feature provided by the team is that the App can monitor the Battery usage consuming by each and every app in the devices and it shows the reports in a graphical format. It is easy for the Android users to find out what are the Apps consuming more powers in their device. In addition to that, You can see the power remaining in your device by representing in percentage or by time remaining.

Smart Modes:

You can switch between many modes to change the Battery performance as you wish. The Android user can customize their own mode where they can restrict a particular app consuming the Battery’s life and they can restrict its use. It also helps the user to guide that how to do a Healthy charge in order to extend the life of the phone’s Battery. As a user, it is possible to change the Battery skin with various images.

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