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The 8 Most Successful Indian Tech Startups

The past era was the industrial era. People followed the same lifestyle. They were born, they study, they got a job and worked there...

Top 10 Messaging Apps for Android, iPhone & iPad

Smartphones have become a very common thing now days which could be seen in everybody’s hands. Helping us in almost each and every part,...

5 Tips To Buying An Outdoor Rug For Your Deck

Just like your indoor space, your outdoor environment should reflect your tastes and preferences in terms of style. This is achievable through the use...
Technical Influence On Recruitment

3 Ways That Technology Has Improved The Way Recruitment Works

It is graduation season and there are thousands of new people saturating the market looking for a job. Many are eager to start out...

Why To Video Blog? A Beginner’s Guide to Video Blogging

The new trend of video blogging is slowly catching up with bloggers. Whichever top notch blog that strikes your mind, now boasts of having...

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