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Download Minecraft for PC/Windows Free


Free Download Minecraft for PC:- Hey friends, How are you? So, we all know that Minecraft is one the most famous game in which you have to place those textured cubes in the 3D environment. Peoples are loving it. The best part of this game is that developers of Minecraft knows the needs of their audience. In this long journey, we found only this game which is available for all types of platforms no matter whether it is what. See below table to see its support base:- <3

DESKTOPS – Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows 10
CONSOLES – Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Wii U
DEVICES – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Gear VR

No matter, on what platform you are, you can download the latest version of that game and enjoy.

Free Download Minecraft for PC

In most of the cases, if you are loving an app or game and want it to download and use on PC version of Minecraft Game. You have only one option in this situation and that is to install any Android Emulator. Install Bluestacks like software and then one can use Android App on PC. But anything like this is not required to be done is case of Minecraft. All you need to do is to download the same platform game and start playing right away.

All you need to do is to download the same platform game and start playing right away. But, Minecraft is not only game you should try to play for free. You can start right away with mecca bingo online.

To play and win the Minecraft game, all you have to construct different structures by placing those textured cubes in the 3D environment. The PC version of the game even have more fun. Along with placing those textured cubes, you have to save yourself from the attacks of monsters also known as hostile mobs. These monsters comprise creeps, zombies, skeletons, and you have to defend these monsters from the shelter you develop using the cubes.

But first of all, you have to create Majong account to download this game. If you don’t have an account at Majong website, create a free account using this link and login with your account and enjoy the ultimate Minecraft for your PC for free.

Download Minecraft for PC/Windows Free:-

In order to download Minecraft PC new 1.17 servers, you have create a new account or sign in with your account and proceed further. To make process simple, we are going to show you step by step tutorial on how to download Minecraft on PC. Just walk with us and you are good to go:-

Free Download and Install Minecraft on your Window

Step 1#: Creating new account at Minecraft

Head over to official website of Minecraft at and have to create a new account. Until you create a new account, you will not be able to download Minecraft game. Provide the essential details and you will get your new account opened.

Step 2#: Filling out Registration Form carefully

This step is most important of all, you need to provide your address and date of birth carefully to avoid any further fraud issues. This helps a new user to deal with billing issue successfully. Suppose in further future, a newer version of Minecraft for PC is available, you can download new version using this account. Answer security questions carefully and it is better to take a screenshot of computer Window that time and save it to safer place. It will help you too recover your account in case any kind of emergency.

Step 3#:

After payment, you will see download Minecraft for PC link, just accept the terms and conditions they are asking to and proceed to download the game. If everything goes good, they will sent you an email in which you will get your Game Download Link. Make sure to clear out all payment issues before it. You will be redirected to another site where you can choose between the different version of games and proceed to choose those. Just make sure to download the version of the game which is compatible with your PC. Here is the link to the site to check out if your PC meets the minimum system requirements for Minecraft For PC Game.

Download Minecraft for PC

Final Thought on Minecraft For PC:-

The PC version has most features than any other game version in Minecraft Game. In Fact, you should know that out of the three modes in Minecraft game, one is known as Creative Mode where the players discover uncountable resources and blocks which give them freedom to unleash the wildest imaginations. One should not worry about health or hunger bar. You should simply focus on building anything which you like.

Other two modes known as Survival and Classic are equally interesting like Creative part. If you are using Minecraft for the first time, you should use these modes for now. Once you get prefect in these two modes, then download Minecraft For PC.

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