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How To Download And Install Fonts In Windows


The fonts share very valuable features out of all the functions of the operating system. Without the font, the user will not be able to utilize the basic features, not even the vital applications like the MS Word and applications software. On the deeper level, the absence of font in the system directory will affects the overall interface of the operating system and the application software as well. Hence, it is vital to Install Fonts in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1. After all, the font in your system might not be present in your friend’s PC, thus, creating trouble seeing the document.

Downloading Fonts

First of all, it is important to understand that the font might be infected with the virus and other malware programs. Hence, they must be downloaded from the reliable sources.

1. Visit the official website of Microsoft, or any other trusted online source for downloading the font. The home page will provide the search box for searching the required font by name.

2. Input the name of the font which you want to download. For instance, type ‘Arial’ for getting the Arial font file.

3. The font file will appear the in the list. Click on the download button to download the file on the PC.

In Windows 7

Here are simple steps that will help you to install the font in the windows 7 operating system. Just make sure that you have downloaded the fonts from the reliable sources to avoid any technical hindrance later. The best reliable source is the Microsoft website where you will get all types of fonts for your operating system.

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1. The first step is to open the control panel. Click on the Font category to open the system folder for fonts.

2. Open the folder where you have saved the downloaded file for the font. Now it is time for the final step.

3. Select the font file in the drive and press Ctrl + C. Go to the system font folder and press Ctrl + V. This will take a few seconds and the font will be installed in the system folder.

You might need to restart the application using the new font. But, some application will quickly grab the fonts in their font list.

In Windows 8 And 8.1

Windows 8 does not have different steps for the font installation. The above steps are same as in case of the Windows 8 and 8.1 as they were in the case of the Windows 7. However, there are some of the shortcut steps that can be shared for both the operating system by Microsoft.

The shortcut step is a simple process. Just open the downloaded font file in the drivers folder. Make sure that it is downloaded from the reliable source and it is compatible for your system. Right click on the font file and select the option ‘Install’ from the popup menu. A message box will show that the relevant font has been installed to the system font directory and can be directly used by the application software.

The above steps are very simple and effective ways of installing the fonts in the windows 7 as well as in the windows 8. Apart from this, the same setup works for the windows 8.1 as well, which is the latest version of the operating system. The new ClearType fonts are also in the market, which is utilized for the LCD and LED screen type in the Smartphone and the tablet PCs. These fonts are also installed in the same way as the above fonts are installed, thus, making it easy to get the required font in use.

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