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Don’t Like Engineering but Love Building? Start Here


The construction sector offers plenty of opportunities to the workers during their careers. It provides you career stability but requires mental and physical toughness to complete different complex projects within the given time frame.

You must be creative, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make your mark in the construction industry. It is a stable career, and according to a study, six out of the top nine industries with the highest sales figures are construction-related. In simple words, if you’re looking to enter the construction sector, you’ve made the right choice.

Construction companies are also continuously adopting the latest technology, requiring more workers to operate advanced machinery efficiently. With technological advancements in place, the gates of new opportunities are opening for individuals looking forward to establishing their careers in the construction field.

So, if you are not interested in engineering but love building, then this career guide is for you. Here are some of the construction career options that will help you begin a new career.

Construction project managers

If you love managing business operations with a view from the top, then this position could be the perfect fit for you. Construction project managers are responsible for looking after the projects from the start till closure. They have to oversee the coordination, budget, and planning of the entire project. To become successful in this position, you need to have critical thinking to solve problems efficiently.

You also have to develop good leadership qualities and the ability to maintain your composure. When it comes to qualification, it would be an excellent idea to earn a degree like a masters in construction management to be eligible for this position to help polish your skills, learn the fundamentals and gain the experience you’ll need to progress in the field.

Before becoming a project manager, most individuals work as project engineers to get fieldwork experience. It increases your worth in the industry and makes you eligible for a managerial position down the line.

This role offers excellent growth potential as the average annual salary of the construction project managers is $95,000.


According to US News and World Report, you may not believe it, but the plumbing was declared the best construction job. The demand for plumbers is growing at a rapid pace. It is predicted that there will be around 68,000 plumbing jobs only in the US in the next eight years.

The average annual salary of the plumber is around $40 – $55,000. This salary is not insufficient when you do not need a degree to pursue a job in this role. So, investing in this career option is a good idea.

Plumbers have to repair and fix the water supply lines, appliances, waste disposal systems and work on different industrial projects. A significant amount of their work consists of service maintenance once a project is finished. They also work on a long-term contract basis that provides them with a steady stream of income.

But, to be a successful plumber, you need a solid mechanical aptitude to understand and identify problems efficiently. You need to have a license and certification to work as a plumber. Also, before earning a diploma, you have to do 4 to 5 years of apprenticeship and vocational training.

You always have the option available to pursue further education according to your interest and skills.

Civil engineers 

Civil engineering is still the right career path if you are passionate about construction concepts but do not like being in the field. Civil engineers supervise and design the construction infrastructure that includes buildings, bridges, tunnels, and roads. Professionals in this role spend most of their time inside the office or in a trailer.

While still being an essential field of Engineering, you cannot debate against its benefits. One way or another, you have to accept that this field is one of the best ways to pursue a career in building and construction. Did you know that the average annual salary of a civil engineer can be up to $87,000? You need to have solid math skills, leadership qualities, and the ability to make the right decisions to fulfill your responsibilities properly.

To be eligible for this role, you need a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering but can also opt for a master’s degree later on to strengthen your academic profile.


Electricians are also ranked as the top construction and maintenance-related jobs in the industry. It offers a job growth rate of 10% that shows the presence of endless opportunities. The average annual salary of the electrician is anywhere from $50 – $56,000. It is not a fixed salary, and once you have experience working in the field, the salary range can be much better.

Electricians are required to install, design, and maintain the overall wiring of the electrical equipment. The primary work of electricians is related to maintenance. To become a successful electrician, you should have good customer skills, safety awareness, and the ability to solve problems.

Every situation is different, so you have to act according to the nature of complexity. Electricians are also certified and licensed, just like plumbers. They have to attend a technical school to get the required training and complete 4 to 5 years of the apprenticeship program.

You will still be a part of construction when electrical work is needed to complete projects. Meeting all the educational requirements will make you eligible to apply for the job of an electrician in any top construction company.

Wind turbine technicians

This role of wind turbine technician is a growing career in the construction sector. According to a statistical study, it is expected to grow by 57% by the end of 2028. The average annual salary of the wind turbine technician is between $45,000 -$52,000, w≈hich is a handsome amount for any young professional.

The professionals in this role are responsible for the repair, maintenance, and install wind turbines. They have to work outdoors at a certain height mostly. To excel in this role, you need to have good troubleshooting and mechanical skills.

Also, you need to develop physical stamina and tolerance to work efficiently at great heights. You need to earn a high school diploma and then train in a technical school to get the required certification and hands-on experience.

You can consider internships as well to increase your worth in the job market. It will provide you the taste of working in the field.


The construction industry offers plenty of challenges. You have to be in the best mental and physical shape to overcome all hurdles that will come your way during your professional career. Some complex construction projects can drain your energy, but you have to be strong enough to handle all kinds of pressure situations. You need to analyze yourself and decide which career option in the construction field will suit you best according to your skills and qualification.

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